DBA Ifazone Information

Hello to all young people of india

I am here by to inform you that ifazone fashioners private ltd aka ( dba , dynamic benefical accord pvt ltd mohali )are same fraud & illegal companies lol the distributors only changed the name when they do invitation…dba(ifazone) direct selling company , all they said it deals with garments ( out dated garments) their certificates are fake , just like give some money to iso & mca various small companies got various certificates. ..dba is also one of them …
let me tell you the whole process, your friend or unknown person calls you and you know there is lot of unemployment in india & he offer you a job , you get ready ..& visit his place …then he tells you to join 7 days training ! you start judging from the first day that what’s the 7 days training is about ?? they will tell you to keep calm
1st day they will tell you about 1…target ( they will tell there own stories so you can successfully get diverted to do business ok? i must say business is good very good but in dba they don’t do business at dba…all they do is to make members , just like to make a pyramid of people )
2.touring 3.abp sitting 4. five minutes chit chat = like your friends called you and asks your current situation and trying to manipulate you to do an invitation) 5. t-up => they try to impress you by telling you the fake achievements of company )

  1. name list => they will tell you fill a form and to write your friends family information so you can invite your friends to their company to make them member tho.

7.invitation call => they use this → name list ← to invite you in his company so you can go for 7 days training ) lol
8.senior advisor ( they will force you to listen and that day they will tell you to invest money in their company , once you invested you will never get it back )
DBA MLM: thats what company is working on …means bande bnaane vala kaam lol they will not let you write on your note book haha

  1. 3 y shearing :- this done by a special person who is good in acting so that you can feel the same way …they want …vo apni man gadan kahania btaye ge jo apko rula dengi fir aapko lage ga ki muje abhi karna padega kuch apne family ke liye….in short they will mind wash you in this step ..

10.calculation => ye btaye ga ki kitne bande lagane par aapko kitne paise milege , aap aik saal mai lakhpati ban jao ge bla bla fake lol


then approval => fake interview ….. if you don’t give a single answer then also you get pass lol they will create the value of approval from the first day lol vo bolege ki internet pe log to boht kuch galat bolte hain
but let let me tell you internet sahi bhi bolta hai..i am writing my experience here ..
so i must tell you that according to law of india govt => in mlm if the member is not satisfied then company should pay his money back but in ifazone or dba they will not give you back…they will give you 3rd class clothes with the tag of 3500
vaha sab log kaam is liye kar raha hai kuki unke paise vaha fanse hain ….think logically yaar

please don’t join this company people use your smartness to improve your self …ye froud hai bhole logo ko fansane ke liye ..unke paiso se apne dreams poore karne liye . dba ke log knowlege ki baat karte hai i bet unko 10 class ke bande ke brabr knowlege ni hai ..all of them are failures. . apna target mat changekaro …..be honest ….jai hind

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