Max Healthcare : Careless behaviour by Doctor

Gross oversight and careless behaviour of Doctor Parul Sharma at Max Healthcare

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Hi, i wish to lodge a complaint against carelessness displayed in treating my husband’s opthalmic condition by Dr Parul Sharma which lead to delay in attending to issues that resulted in complete retinal detachment . This was finally treated at AIIMS post a week of my husbands meeting with Dr Parul Sharma .
i will detail the sequence here for reference.
My husband ( Kamlesh Kumar) underwent a catarct surgery(right eye) at Max healthcare Gurgaon on 6th Feb 2012 . the surgery was performed by Dr Parul Sharma. I must note that during all the interactions we found her evading any in depth discussions or explainng the situation / after effects etc. Post surgery , on all follow up calls , she ignored all complaints ( of headeache / irritation etc ) by saying that this one was a major surgery and will have all these effect . Not sure why the headache will not come immediately after operation but after a months time.After about 3 months time , on 15th of may 2012 , my husband noticed something similar to floaters in his right eye which was operated for cataract as discribed above.
He rushed to Dr Parul Sharma.. paid the usual comsulatncy fee of rs 600, but again the story remained same. Doctor Sharma hardly spent 5 min with my husband examining him and dismissed the condition as normal advising that him should ignore the floaters and it will go away on its own..Reverse happened , the floater remained and on sunday the 20th of May 2012 , there came a dark curtain in the right eye and my husbands vision was almost gone.He rushed to max and couple of other hospitals at Gurgaon but none had any doctors available to attend to this issue in emergency.

This hospital ‘s doctors are careless and not good behavior

Monday, the 21st may , morning , another doctor met him at Max at 0900hrs and immediately diagnosed a retina detachment condition and referred to max Delhi for immediate treatment via operation. We finally got admitted at AIIMS Delhi on 21st afternoon. A lot of tests were conducted before a full fledged operation involving silicon oil filling and scleral buckle band insertion was performed on Wednesday 23rd may, morning. My husband is recovering now.
I want to lodge a complaint against doctor Parul for being careless,showing attitude,ignoring to listen to complaints fully and not diagnosing the retinal tear in time causing delay in treatment and trauma to all of us contact numbers are 9717702504

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