Target Integration : Fraud by Aman Thakral

Target Integration – Aman Thakral Big Cheater – Cheated my Rs. 85,000 for CRM –
Aman Thakral is such a smart cheater that he will talk big about his software and services. (( THIS PERSON WILL LOOK HUMBLE AND SWEET WHEN SELLING HIS PRODUCT , BUT WILL FEEL LIKE MONSTER WHEN YOU HAVE PAID FULL MONEY))
Believing on his words I paid him Rs. 85,000 for CRM service as product and he assured me that he and his team is always with me to support me. He gave me files and database of CRM, and configured it in my computer for the first time, I asked him then that train me how to configure it myself, so that if if my computer has any issue, I can re-configure it myself, they said its ok, we are with you, we will do it for you as many times as you want, because it was a 5 minute job. Trusting on him, I paid all amount in parts in 3 installments (monthly).
till 3 months they were very sweet to me over phone, and time to time, they were calling me to ask if I have any issue ( because they had to ensure that they get whole sum of 85000 RUPEES) . But after 3 months, they changed their colors like anything when my computer crashed where this CRM was configured. I had copy of CRM. I phoned him on skype and told him to guide me how to configure it.

Huge cheated by Aman Thakral and his company :-

This cheater person, started saying that I need to pay him Rs. 15,000/- for configuration. This was not agreed or informed before. After all my request, he denied to support me, and left me like screwed.
Rohit came in email thread and he also told me clearly that he will not provide service for free. I agreed finally that to save my 85000 I will pay another Rs.15000 , but I told him that at this 15000 dont configure it in my computer just guide me how it is done as I cant pay this amount everytime I change pc or I have same problem later too.
This guy started singing that no, we cant tell you secrets, as everytime you need to come to us. I was surprised.
I purchased a software and paid full amount to them, yet they are not informing how it is done. Finally, I did not pay any amount and said that let my Rs. 85000 wasted, but I am posting this story in this complaint board, so that others should not be cheated by this cheater COMPANY.
=============CONTACT DETAIL OF CHEATER AMAN============================================
Aman Thakral
m +91 981 179 7554 | t +91 965 050 5270 | e
Skype thakralaman | LinkedIn
Target Integration Consultancy Pvt Ltd. B52/7 West Guru Nagar, Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi 110092, India.
Website | Blog | Twitter @targetint | Facebook &
=============CONTACT DETAIL OF ROHIT============================================
Rohit Thakral
m +353 86 722 1111 | t +353 1 886 5684 (IRL) +44 121 285 5684 (UK) | e
Skype rohitthakral | LinkedIn
Website | Blog | Twitter @targetint | Facebook
Target Integration Ltd.
Unit 7, Tallaght Business Centre, Whitestown Industrial Estate, Tallaght, Dublin 24, Republic of Ireland
2nd Floor Quayside Tower, 252 – 260 Broad Street, Birmingham B1 2HF, United Kingdom
B-52, Street No- 7, West Guru Angad Nagar, Laxmi Nagar New Delhi 110092, India

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