Idea cellular exploits customers

Dear Sir/Maam,
I had got my number mob. 9650415454 ported from Airtel to Idea around two months back. Now the services to my number have been stopped although I have not defaulted on any payments to Idea cellular but they allege that I have not made a payment of Rs. 408 to Airtel when I had cleared all their dues when getting ported to Idea cellular (as per my knowledge porting is only possible after all dues have been cleared). I do not know why this nexus of Airtel and Idea cellular is trying to blackmail me as I did not receive any information why this money is being asked for but still I tried to make the payment on the Airtel Website as it was only Rs 408 but I only got response that this is not an Airtel number than I called Idea Cellular if they can receive the extra payment and transfer the extra amount to Airtel as they are the people asking for the amount but they too refused and said that visit Airtel showroom (as if I have done a crime by porting my number and the nexus does not like it) but the showroom also refused and said that visit another showroom in Laxmi nagar as mine was not an Airtel number so they cannot take the payment.
How can idea cellular stop services on behalf of airtel but cannot accept payment for it and make customer run from pillar to post? I think these are only measures and tactics being used by Idea and Airtel nexus to deter people from using porting services and blackmail customer for extra money so that porting could be restricted. I will not be the only customer suffering such blackmailing and extortion but there would be thousands of other customer how would have easily accepted there demands because mobile numbers have become identity of people attached to it professionally and emotionally and these people as Idea cellular know that and use it for exploitation. Such people should be booked under criminal provisions of the IPC. Leave alone booking them under criminal provisions of IPC but they hardly face any action from TRAI for using such tactics and thus in a way are supported. Why would the customer not make the payment when he has always made the payment on time and that could be cross checked with records? When all payments are accepted online as I have been making them since years(see your records) why visit to showroom and than onto next showroom? Why no bill is being provided for the payment which is asked for? When Idea can stop services for airtel why can’t it accept payment for it so that payment can be transferred online?
What can a customer like me do, he can do nothing other than making the payment as and when asked for but please at least tell me where will you accept the payment and what all places should I visit so that my payment of Rs. 408 (four hundred eight) is accepted and services to my number are restored. As for authorities if this illegal way of stopping services for blackmailing could be stopped it would be much better for other customers.
I have already made the Airtel payment via receipt no. 14-31813609(enclosed) on 8th Aug. 2014 but the outgoing services of my number are still being barred.
Such misuse of powers are not subject to this case but these telecom companies like Idea have been misusing authority dealt upon them as network service provider for long but no action is ever being heard to have been taken against them and customers continue to suffer at their merciless hands. A few write in hope that some action might be taken against the such dictators of free India who continue to exploit the citizens of India long even after freedom had been attained. I know these people are truly powerful just like dictators in past but hope customers of India too get freedom some day and are not exploited.
Thanks & Regards
Kartar Singh Nagar
184, Vill. Khichripur, Delhi -91
Mob. 9540495050

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