Wrongful deduction

BOB – Bombay
Saving Account No. 09680100027671
Name: Nileshkumar Ishwarbbhai Ahir
I have filled petrol worth Rs. 600/- from Ghelani Service Station Vadodara dtd. 08.01.2017. This was done by swiping a credit card No. 4029 8502 9907 7203 of BOB unfortunately the transactions could not be completed since the slip from the machine did not get generated; consequently I went to another petrol Pump Hindustan Petroleum Baroda & filled petrol of Rs. 600/- since Ghelani Petrol Pump never filled petrol against the transaction. The second transaction of swipe machine in Hindustan petolem is correct but the first transaction of 600/- Rs. is wrongful deduction. We have already given 3 times complaints in writing to your Navayard Branch for this. The complaint is still pending.
I have been repeatedly requesting them to do a REVERSAL OF ENTERY and deposit Rs. 600/- in my saving account No. 09680100027671 of BOB.
Despite several reminder repeated request this simple thing is not being done. The indifference and apathy are trulely appalling. I am being harassed for no fault of mine.
I would request you to intervene in this matter & settle this matter by 31.03.17, otherwise I intend referring the matter to a consumer court for corbitration & adjudication.
(M) 96010 83124
Kindly reply by return mail

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