Vodafone India — Un-Registered Services Activated repeatedly and excessive billing

I have been using VODAFONE from last 4 years and never had any issues with the services but lately i think they have started fooling around customers and they are not living up to the expectations. Be it their customer support executives who hang up calls without resolving issues and making lame excuses that they cannot hear the voice and make up stuff.
I have been charged numerous times before this for the services i never activated and never ever used in my entire life. Every other day i get a pop up that Rs 90/- have been added to my bill cycle as i am using this service. When i go on to deactivate that service on 155229, it shows me that i have 3 more active services. I deactivate all of them thinking that this would be the last time but this has become a daily chore for me and i am sick and tired of it.
I have been charged close to 3000 INR this bill cycle and VODAFONE has barred my out going services as i have decided not to pay this time and see how much do they care about the customers. I have taken a lot in these past two weeks.
I’m sorry Vodafone, you are just making a fool out of people just for a few extra bucks.
I wont pay a single penny till the time i get a concrete resolution and a reduced bill.

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