Yes Bank ATM money not received but same amount is debited to my account

My name kamal Malkani having account no( 010490200014901) in Yes bank, Today morning i.e 20 sep 2017, I went HDFC Bank ATM located at Main Chhatarpur Road, Chhatarpur, New Delhi at 09:17:46 Am, I tried to withdraw Rs. 7500.00 but machine shows ” your transaction is in process” for some time and after that shows ” Time Out”.
I repeat same but shows on screen same but balance has been not received from the atm.
When I went home and checked my account, I found that the full amount of requested funds had been debited from my account, So, Kindly take a positive step to return my amount .
Note – ( ATD no -[protect]:800025, OATM 800025 )
Thanking You
Yours Faithfully
Kamal Malkani

I am Sachin Gupta and was working for yes bank as an officer in trade finance for close to about seven months at Gurgaon, Through this prestigious forum of yours I would like to highlight the Harassment and humiliation that the employees of yesbank undergo each day. The working environment in yesbank limited is very pathetic and hostile towards its employees.
-At the time of joining itself they ask (in an informal manner though) that you have to come at 8:30 in morning but your work may strech till 9 or 10 pm, but it actually is midnight or even later than that.
as per indian labour law the maximum working hours are 8 to 10 hours depending on various situations, but here they are asking for machines and not for humans.
-The way seniors show their leadership is giving bait to subordinates in the name of better appraisal or else late working hours and diassociating their names at the time of sharing the awards or appreciation, the people who have contributed and worked day in and day out are not even nominated for their effort, and then a mail comes from HR for self appreciation, who will come forward ??
-The selection criteria is no where, no standards at all – people with relevant experience and better education qualification are given low positions and paid less as compared to their fellow team-mates, how can you ask for the team spirit when there is so much of discrimination at the root of any organisation.
-Just before the appraisal you are ladened with larger volume of work and responsibilities and your inability scores over your capability – all these are unfair barriers to advancements in ones professional carrier as this hurts mentally a lot to a person who goes throgh all this and much more.
-New appointments are delibrately kept on hold so that a definite period elapses and the person who wishes to join can not be entitled to ask for appraisal just because the person has joined the organisation just two days late.
– I feel HR department now a days is kept for guarding the rights of the employees in a way that they can not use these rights at all because these are safe and secured in those documents which they make us sign before joining, what an irony we also sign all this because we think we may never use them, How positive we are in our approach.
-Even after the employee has left the organisation the feedback the HR and Managers give to other employers is again biased and not at all justifiable which hampers one’s career. This show the very corporate and ethical values being nurtured herein yesbank.
I have some regrets that I should have done this much earlier but time has come and I feel obliged that I am taking some strong steps and going out of the way to unwrap and highlight what I have been through as this satisfies me of somewhat that I am.Not like the one to be sitting with my hands folded and waiting for some angel to get me out of this mental torture and harassment at the hands of yesbank.
Organisations with such petty interest do not refrain from reaching heights by ruining the careers and playing with the emotions of its own employees.My only concern in writing this is to bring before all of you the true face of company that boast itself to be first Indian multinational bank , world’s bank, people’s bank, World Quality bank etc. etc,
We talk about three P’s i.e people, profit and planet but here it seems like organisations have got it all new and much more i.e Punish People for Profit and forget about this Planet.


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yes — how much to pay

Respected Sir, I want know the position of payment detials of the following policy Numbersmy policy no. 646269586 doc:28/06/2004 Br. 13 City Hyderabad (Mehdipatnam X roads, hyd-500028 prem amount is Rs.450 daughter policy no. 6481841930 doc/15/05/2000 prem amount is Rs.713 qly

I am an employee of Yes Bank and work in same office. I wam shocked to see this post & would totally differ from what has been said by Sumit.
its a face saving picture by khurp. yesbank had been a worst employer just know hw to suck blood out of there employees. Yes Bank sucks.
Of cource Yes Bank and its managing level should be punished if indian government is sleeping then we should act in our way with these peoples.
m/s Yes bank
Ref: ID No 381496
S.B A/C No: 003890200006130
Location Ghaziabad, NCR
I want to bring following points for your kind perusal and necessary actions.
That in the month of March this year one Sri Mohit Bansal, Relationship Manager with another gentle man from your bank(Ghaziabad branch) reached to my house on 05/03/2011 at around 2.30 PM and they tried to convince me for purchasing one insurance policy though at thsat point of time, I did not require any extra investment for tax saving.. However after long persuation the duo managed to sell one infrastructure bond of value Rs 10, 000 to me .I handed over a cheque No 16990879 dated 05/04/2011of YES BANKof Rs 10, 000 to Sri Mohit Bansala after getting verbal assurance from Sri Bansal that the bond would be handed over with in 15 days to my college address which is also my address against my savings account of Yes Bank. Now two months have already been passed and unfortunately it has not reached to me. I tried to enquire into the matter and immediately contacted Sri Bansal to about the case. But surprisingly he took the matter very lightly and replied very casually and started telling me that the bond might have been sent to your home town or it has been returned from your college etc..I understood that he had forgotten his commitment to the customer, disobeying the basic ethics of marketing management. At length I feel that I should put the matter in the knowledge of higher authority of Yes Bank for their help.
Tapas kumar mukherjee
Dear Mr. Rohit Srivastava
Cc: Mr. Rajender ShuklaWe never find Yes Bank Services Satisfactory.
But we were continue to hold our account with you.
Now Because of following reasons we want to close our account with Yes Bank.
Please inform document to be followed in this regards to close our various accounts with you.
Subject: SERIOUS – POOR HANDLING OF Our account Nr.: 003083800003128
Dear Mr. Rohit Srivastava
Cc: Mr. Rajender Shukla
We received following message from you on 6th July
confirming receipt of Euro8981.95
Transferred by our buyer Mr. Djabodo Alain.
We, on 2nd July, before even arrival of this money to your bank confirmed
we are expecting this Payment from our buyer.
This is payment of Export order.
We requested you to transfer this money to our account immediately on
But you have not done anything.
You are well aware that Euro value is declining. On 6th July it was Euro
1 = INR 64.50
Now the it has declined.
On the false reason you are holding payment to us. Because our Customer
has sent
Reply to this effect from his Bank.
We also find that you have not referred this matter from your end to the
overseas bank.
We claim that you are intentionally bringing loss to us by not transferring
money to our
Account. This is happening because Yes bank has not corroborated with
Bank in this regard.
We are claiming to credit our account with Exchange rate that was effective
on 6th July.
We are claiming a serious action against the Bank because of lapse of
handling this
Pallav Frictions
——-Original Message——-
From: Rajender Shukla (Br. B)
Date: 06/07/2011 13:22:53
Subject: RE: Our account Nr.: 003083800003128
Dear Sir/Madam,
We have received credit of EUR 8981.95 in our NOSTRO.
The account number of the beneficiary mentioned in the
Payment instructions sent by our EUR correspondent does not match with our
The name of ordering party is: DJABODO ALAIN
Beneficiary name given is: PALLAV FRICTIONS
Please confirm if the payment belongs to you.
Please arrange for SWIFT to us on correct account number
through your overseas party/ordering party.
Post the above requirement we also note that as per the
Standing Instructions maintained with us the purpose of the
various inward foreign remittances are:
Kindly confirm in case of any change / different purpose advice us and
arrange for a letter advising us the purpose of the inward received.
Till such time we are holding the payment.
Else advise if this has to be returned back.
In case we do not receive correct details from the
Remitting bank within 2 working days
we shall be returning the credit received.
Also note that we are migrating to STP that
such credit may be returned without referring.
Thanks and Regards
Rajender Shukla
Corporate Service Desk
Rajouri Garden Branch
Ph:47184900 From: PALLAV FRICTIONS []
Sent: Saturday, July 02, 2011 11:22 AM
To: Rajender Shukla (Br. B)
Subject: Our account Nr.: 003083800003128
Dear Mr. Rajender
Our customer In Ivory Coast (Abidjan) has transferred on 28th June, 2011
Euro 8991.95 to our account as advance / balance payment of shipment.
Bank Transfer Advise received from buyer is sent to you attached.
We request you to kindly credit amount received to our account
Referred above and confirm.
Thanks and regards
SK Pahuja
Pallav Frictions
+91.11.42508369 & 43009710
Skype: vikramind
i got fake currency of rs 1000 from yes bank counter ranchi jharkhand .
and coustermer care of yes bank is also slow like snail.
there ATM PIN no. is not working from day of account birthday
Dear Customer,
kindly provide us with your contact details.
1)Customer name
2)Account no.
3)Mobile no.
I was a employee of Yes bank that too in HR, I have left in Feb, still now my F&F is pending and release letter, its almost 2 months. Next week I will going to court against Bank. was following up with local and HO team, no one bothers to revert.
Third class culture and Bank ever seen in India. will take it up with press also.
Everything that sachin said is right.
Its not an bank, its an insurance company where they suck your blood to get life insurance.
All that matters is how much li you have done in a day, not the hard work that you are putting up in the office


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