Outback Steakhouse Service

The food has nothing to do with this awful review. It was all about the service! Our server Declan was nice, but when it came to service he fell short. #1 My pregnant wife had to send back her steak because it was rare and she couldn’t eat rare meat after ordering it well done. We told the server when he came to checkup on us and took it back immediately.
Which was not the problem because they handled it well. Maybe he was upset because we asked to have it cooked longer, because after that we didn’t see our server until the meal was over. We did not receive any additional service during the rest of our meal! I ran out of ice tea and my wife was generous enough to share her drink with me. This was unacceptable! I never have received this type of service anywhere in Salem.
This was our FIRST TIME here and certainly will be our last. I never had to stiff a waiter EVER, but I felt like I had no choice at this time! I felt horrible, but I tipped 3.00 on a 60.00 tab. Never in my life have I ever felt the need to do this to anyone! I tipped 1.00 for every time he was at my table! For now on I think we will stick to the local restaurants in Salem. It may be a little more expensive for a meal, but atleast the servers take care of their customers! Table #13 ticket #0106b server Declan 9/22/2017 5:51pm. 6260 Keizer Station BLVD Keizer, OR 97303 store location

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