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Consumer complaints and reviews about Costco/Stuart Lee Rebates
JanetC   Stuartleerebates
Feb 5, 2017
No rebate yet on Samung S7 edge bought from Costco
Bought a Samsung S7 edge because of a $150 rebate offer at Costco on July 27 2016. As of today February 4 2017 I have not received it. Went to Costco wireless kiosk in Nov. and inquired and the rep said it takes up to 16 weeks. In Dec I found online and the website where I can see the status and saw they received paperwork at beginning of August but the status was “denied”. Dec 24th went back to kiosk to question this the rep said she would escalate the issue and someone would get back to me in 3 weeks. Waited 4 weeks, no call back. Went back to kiosk and spoke with the manager he said since soon after I bought the edge the note7 issues started so that backlogged the rebates. He said someone would be calling me back in 9 days. Waited 2 weeks. No call back. Got the number for the District manager he tells me same thing about the delay due to note7, says my rebate is being processed but not sure when I will get it. I asked him about the no call backs and he said the rep and manager should of never told me that because no one was going to call me back. So now I look online at the status of my rebate and it still says “denied” (don’t know why). Wondering if the District Manager was just giving me a line of bull about my rebate coming since they all have a history from the kiosk to do that so I will go away. Really tired of waiting. Would like a more definitive answer on when I can expect my rebate.
smarthrish   Stuartleerebates
Feb 5, 2017
Rebate not issued
Got two phones from costco with verizon plan. They offered a 225$ rebate on each. I had submitted the rebate request on Oct 4 2016. There was an hardware issue with both the phones and we had to get them exchanged. The person at the kiosk said that we don’t have to submit a new rebate request since its an exchange. Waited for 3 months and finally on Jan 17th I see that one rebate got approved and the other one got denied saying that the product was returned back. I have been chasing Costco Wireless Advocate folks to escalate the issue but with no success. Please advice on what the next steps should be.
AJAYMATTA   Stuartleerebates
Jan 26, 2017
I bought Samsung S7 Edge from Costco wireless center on Jan 08, 2017. the paper work was supposed to generate a 12 digit rebate control number for claiming online rebate of $150. Due to “IT Glitch” or something it was not generated and I was assured by the manager of Kiosk that he will contact there IT department and will get back to me with numbers. to this day, after visiting and call them several time, I am still waiting.
every time I call I get the same reply ” We have several complaints like yours and working on it. will get back to you ASAP”. if they knew they have this error in the system, why were they accepting the orders?

It is not right for Costco to give its customers such a hard time. Future costumers, you are warned.
AJAYMATTA   Stuartleerebates
Jan 26, 2017
I bought Samsung edge s7 on Jan 08, 2017 and was promised $150 costo cash card. some how the paper work did not generate 12 digit rebate control number required to submit rebate online. I was promised at the wireless center that it will be generated by there so called IT department and I will be notified within few days. as of today, Jan 26, 2017 there is no communication. I have called/visited the center and every time I get the same reply:” We have so many applications and are processing it. as soon as we get it, we will let you know”
Had I known that Costco does such a lousy job, I would have taken my business else where. now I am stuck. for future customers, think twice before you place any order with them.
boymom3   Stuartleerebates
Jan 5, 2017
Wireless Advocates
On October 9, 2016 we decided to take advantage of the promo being offered by Wireless advocates at the kiosk at our new Costco store. We got two Verizon Samsung Galaxy S7 phones. There were two different rebates, a memory card from Samsung which I applied for that day and received within 4 weeks and a $175 Costco gift card per phone which I applied for on the same day. Everytime I check on the rebate it says it can not be verified and I have sent copies of the contract, receipts and rebate forms at least 3 different times. I have also contacted the kiosk and they said they would submit a ticket, once in November and again in December. It has been 12 weeks and promochoice is still saying that they can not verify the information. I have sent wirelessadvocates 3 different emails and have heard nothing back. I normally get my phones at Bestbuy when they offer giftcards and have always been given a giftcard that day. I have never had this much trouble with a rebate before and will never recommend wireless advocates to anyone.
LAWRENCE LERNER   Stuartleerebates
Dec 31, 2016
lost my rebate cards
good morning in 2015 oct 18th I purchased 2 Samsung cell phones at Costco.
status # 92748926997664513013433575 and 92748926997664513013433582
Lawrence lerner 341 1st ave ny ny 10003
I lost the credit cards is there a chance they can replaced you can see they were never used
kiosk # 322
phone model gs6
provider Verizon
917 337-7049 and 917 337-7050
thank you
Deano224   Stuartleerebates
Dec 7, 2016
Costco Cash card denied by wireless advocates
Tyler lied to me about iPhone 7 being delayed on July 27 2016 so I ordered iPhone 6 with 200 rebate thinking price would be 400 after receiving $200 cash card rebate. It has been 16 weeks still no response til today with Stuart lee rebate center telling wireless advocates denied rebate. They gave me a reason And the phone has a defective home button, Verizon sent me another iPhone 6 when I tried to take the defective back to Costco they didn’t honor their 90 day return policy. Now Verizon is piling on charging me $500 if I don’t return it within five days for a iPhone 6 with three year old technology that they only offered to give me 145 trade in value. I find it appalling that they only give me five days but it takes them 16 weeks so for for them to even respond to my complaint much less get my cash card!
Amy Vitek   Stuartleerebates
Dec 6, 2016
Rebate is a joke at Verizon Kiosk at Costco
I have been waiting for my Costco cash card for months and still have NOTHING!!! I bought my phone the end of July and still nothing! Every time I ask where it is they say it’s resolved or that I should be receiving the card any day. Yet… STILL NOTHING! Saying that I am angry is an understatement! I have even called Costco directly and was told that they would talk to the Kiosk and call me back. Guess what? No call back from Costco even! This is absolutely appalling! Never again!
ambakane   Stuartleerebates
Nov 28, 2016
Rebate Redemption Site doesn’t work : This is the site where I need to submit my rebate, I bought 2 I phones and I should get $ 250 each line Costco cash card from AT&T and they gave me this site to enter my rebate information but this site- doesn’t work.
barbie69   Stuartleerebates
Nov 15, 2016
didn’t receive rebates!
In May we purchased 3 Samsung phones from AT&T and were told we would receive 2 rebate checks. One was for $40 and the other for $25 which we have not received. With all the money we spent that day on phones (832.17) you would think Costco could uphold their end. I will not purchase anything of value from them again. We were told to contact customerservice@wirelessadvocates but unable to contact anyone there.
DFALLEN   Stuartleerebates
Nov 2, 2016
did not get rebate
iI purchased two Samsung Galaxy7 Edge phones at Costco on 7/3/16. The rebate offer was $225.00 for each phone. It the time expected, I did receive one rebate. I did not receive the second.
To date, Stuart Lee has not provided the second rebate. I am thinking they are trying to ignore me until i go away.

This will convince me to never buy anything at Costco again with this type of rebate.
I am considering dropping my Costco membership. I see this as poor service from Costco. They should be involved with the all the complaints and assisting their customerss
DFALLEN   Stuartleerebates
Nov 2, 2016
did no get rebate
iI purchased two Samsung Galaxy7 Edge phones at Costco on 7/3/16. The rebate offer was $225.00 for each phone. It the time expected, I did receive one rebate. I did not receive the second.
To date, Stuart Lee has not provided the second rebate. I am thinking they are trying to ignore me until i go away.

This will convince me to never buy anything at Costco again with this type of rebate.
I am considering dropping my Costco membership. I see this as poor service from Costco. They should be involved with the all the complaints and assisting their customerss
TColon   Stuartleerebates
Nov 2, 2016
Rebate not provided
I purchased two Verizon Samsung phones with Verizon service at the local Costco. The representatives did not tell me the rebate form needed to be postmarked within 30 days. I am physically disabled and dealing with my disability takes most of my time lately. I returned the rebate forms but was denied because they were late. Horrible service. I will be cancelling Verizon and filing a BBB complaint through Costco and for Stuart Lee rebates
janet overacker   Stuartleerebates
Oct 29, 2016
Costco Visa CARD/Stuart Little Rebates
JANET OVERACKER ( Long time Costco Member )
PO BOX 2741
Aptos,ca 95001-2741
On 1/22/16 I upgraded to a I Phone 6 and was promised by Costco a rebate ck from Stuart Little of $100.00 and a Visa Card for a $100.00 cash.from Costco the clerk said he could not send them to a PO Box so I gave my son’s address at Janet Overacker 1158 Park Grove Milpitas,ca 95035 They never received the visa card of the Stuart Little ck. I contacted Stuart Litlte and the said the ck had been cashed in April 2016 Ck #611698767223514 No word from Costco on my Visa card for $100.00 some one else has that too!

$200.00 is alot of money when your on a fixed income*********** WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO COSTCO?
JanG   Stuartleerebates
Oct 25, 2016
Costco Rebate Verizon Phone
I purchased a Verizon phone at the local Costco Kiosk on Feb 27, 2015.
Two rebates were available one for $25.00 through Verizon and $300.00 Costco rebate (cash cards).
Received the $25.00 cash card.
It is now Oct 2016. I have submitted two inquiries to Stewart Rebates and all I receive are automated responses that they found the $25.00 rebate.
Really? I will not purchase another phone through Costco/Verizon kiosk. What a failure.
Elzbieta   Stuartleerebates
Oct 20, 2016
Stuart Lee Rebates
200$ Costco Cash Card + $ 25 Bonus Costco Cash Card not received after 6 weeks for purchase Samsung Note 7.
Purchased 08/20/2016 at Costco in Niles.
Confirmation send 08/24/2016.
Elzbieta Murawska
5727 W. Lawrence
Chicago Il 60730
Margew   Stuartleerebates
Oct 19, 2016

Susiegrace64   Stuartleerebates
Oct 16, 2016
300.00 rebate for iphone6
I purchased an iPhone 6 in July 2016 and was told I would get a $300 Costco card. Everything was sent in, still haven’t received anything so I called and they said it was only $25 and would take 16 weeks! Not sure how to go about getting the 300? That was a big part of why I purchased the phone there.
Mary Iverson   Stuartleerebates
Oct 12, 2016
No Rebate
I bought a Samsung Galaxy S7 on April 1 2016 still no rebate and it’s October 11. Stuartlee won’t respond to any of my requests either. Looks like it’s time for a class action lawsuit to get the ball rolling. Costco it’s time to take action!!!
4gonemoney   Stuartleerebates
Oct 6, 2016
Missing $300 rebate for Iphone 6SPlus
I’ve been waiting patiently for my $300 rebate for the purchase of my IPhone 6s Plus purchased early March 2016. Since it had not arrived by mid September I stopped by the Telephone Kiosk at Costco and the worker gave me an email address to submit a query as to where my rebate was. I received a reply from Stewart Lee stating they didn’t have any info on my claim and wanted me to submit images of my paperwork. I did email them what I had, but they needed a copy of the rebate form – which I didn’t have, so I went to Costco as Stewart Lee directed me, Costco sales person said there was not a $300 rebate available for my phone at the time I bought it, only one for $25. I would NOT have purchased the phone had it not been for the $300 rebate, as Verizon had been offering $200 at that time. Something is really messed up and I feel taken by a store I’ve really loved shopping at since it came to town. I won’t feel the same about them again unless they clear this up and get me my rebate.
Lauriemmt   Stuartleerebates
Sep 21, 2016
costco/Stuart lee
I bought 2 iPhone 6s on December 20, 2015. I took advantage of the BOGO. Received paperwork from the Costco att kiosk to fill out and send in to Lee Rebates for the 2 gift cards.Waited patiently for 16 weeks and looked online. I was shocked to see my gift card was denied. Called the number I found on here and was told there was no reason it should have been denied and I should receive my cards. Nothing for 2 months. Called again in June. Same answer. Called again in July. Same answer but rep stated she would escalate. Called again in August. Rep said she would make sure she got an answer and personally call me back. Called again this morning and rep told me that I would have to go back to the Costco kiosk. Went after work and was told tag I should never have gotten the BOGO and the rebate form. It was either/or. What!!!! There was nothing on the rebate form that stated that. Why would they have given me the rebate forms AND give me the BOGO?!!!
This is complete fraud .
Does anyone else know if what I was told was true? Even if it is, I think I have some kind of case because I was given the filled out forms from the kiosk. Also, I have spent 9 months chasing this down and now I am told this???!!
mhal   Stuartleerebates
Sep 12, 2016
Rebate Not Received
We bought 3 Maxx2 Droid phones from Costco and were supposed to receive a $300 rebate ($100 for each phone). It has been over 8 months. We have received 1 of the $100 rebates, but not the remaining $200. We have been trying to contact the Stuart Lee Rebate Center and they are not responsive.
Canela1987   Stuartleerebates
Sep 3, 2016
Fraud on rebate at Costco
I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S7 on May 25, 2016 and was assured that I would get a $200 plus $25 Costco card after 12-14 weeks. It has passed the 4 months week and the people at the Kiosk at Costco have no clue, however, they kept assuring me that this was a good deal at the time of purchase. Costco is such a rip-off, and nothing is being done about the rebates. Called Verizon and they do not have a number for Stuart Lee Rebates, neither does Costco. How do these companies do business with a company that does not have a Customer service number. I am frustrated and will be complaining to the BBB about both Costco (as the kiosk was on their premises, hence they are responsible) and Stuart Lee Rebates. I received an Email standing that my paper work was accepted, however as of today, no card yet… What a ripoff.
almeida   Stuartleerebates
Aug 26, 2016
Rebate note yet received
I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge on April 25, 2016 and was assured that I would get a $200 plus $25 Costco card after 12-14 weeks. It has passed the 14 week period and the people at the Kiosk at Costco have no clue, however, they kept assuring me that this was a good deal at the time of purchase. Costco is such a rip-off, and nothing is being done about the rebates. Called Verizon and they do not have a number for Stuart Lee Rebates, neither does Costco. How do these companies do business with a company that does not have a Customer service number. I am frustrated and will be complaining to the BBB about both Costco (as the kiosk was on their premises, hence they are responsible) and Stuart Lee Rebates.
Frustrated, frustrated, frustrated at these rip off companies. Shame on you Costco
Eiram2016   Stuartleerebates
Aug 21, 2016
Consumer Fraud
I bought a new phone at Costco in December 2015 from the manger who promised me either a 225 or 250 Costco or Visa Card Rebate.
I asked for a copy of the rebate paperwork and he said we don’t give copies, I send all the paperwork over at the end of the night.

Well, I never received the rebate card and I have went to the Kiosk 8 time with did not receive help – the only assistance I received was a RUN AROUND. At this point I fee; this was Consumer Fraud by the manger who is being deceitful and plainly a dishonest person who should not be in employment. I have found Costco to be a pretty honest company. I have purchased phones at other Costco Stores and have been given the rebate paperwork and have always received the cards which took awhile but I received them. The manger at this Kiosks is a a con artist and I was a victim of Consumer Fraud, At this point I plan on seeing what I can do legally for filing charges of consumer fraud. If I was conned, I am wondering how may other consumers at Costco were conned by the same manger, It is really sad to see Costco is employing and paying an employee who thriving on taking advantage of the consumer. At this point, I have comed to terms that I will never see the rebate card since he refused to give me a copy of the paperwork. I would like to see this employee removed from the employment of Wireless Advocate,
Consumer complaints and reviews about Costco/Stuart Lee Rebates
madhuraju_m   Stuartleerebates
Aug 13, 2016
no rebate recieved yet
Greetings !
I bought Samsung Note 5 from cost some time in December 2015 and I was supposed to 250 rebate back and I have not received yet. My phone number si 719 761 1088.
Today I had cross with Costco and they confirmed that all the documents that I was supposed to send have been recieved by Rebate center
emollie   Stuartleerebates
Jul 22, 2016
$150.00 Rebate
On 12/26/16,I took advantage of the $150.00 rebate offered by Costco when purchasing the apple 6s iPhone. After spending a few hours at Costco’s Verizon’s kiosk, with the purchasing and setting up my new phone I went home with the mistaken idea that the rebate paper work was taken care of by costco’s employees.
On 2/29/16, I followed the advise given to me by a costco employee and sent in all the required paper work with a letter explaining the circumstances why it was so late.

I’ve been a loyal Costco customer for many years ( back to when it was called Price Club).
The reason it was sent in so late was an innocent mistake on my part. I haven’t heard from Stuart Lee Rebates one or the other.
Can you please let me know what I have to do to receive my rebate.
Thank You,
Bruce Edelman
nikibeach   Stuartleerebates
Jul 19, 2016
Costco/Stuart Lee Rebates
The rebates take 14-16 weeks. At first, I contacted Costco’s marketing rebate specialist (you can call their corporate offices & they’ll put you through to that person’s voice mail). She DID call me back. I emailed her my conplaint & she said to wait the 14-16 weeks – and if it didn’t arrive to contact her again. She was very nice and ernestly wanted to help.
So i stuck it out & at week 15, I did, in fact, receive my $200. costco gift card. So, all I can tell everyone is that the time frame completely sucks (I can’t remember the last time a rebate took this long) – but it does go through. and if it doesn’t – contact Costco headquarters directly and they’ll help you out (do not bother with the local costco store, verizon, the kiosk – none of those people or entities will be able to help you.). Just make sure you keep copies of everything, so you can scan them in & email them to costco headquarters.   Stuartleerebates
Jul 1, 2016
Costco 200$ cash card
Bought 2 Iphones w/ Verizon at Wireless advocates booth December 29, 2015 – that’s over 6 months ago. manager Chris appears helpful in person but has not followed up. I am at my wits end … There are many of us in same situation, we must expose this.
fustrated1   Stuartleerebates
Jun 18, 2016
Rebate Denied Run Around
I purchase 2 Samsung S7 edge on the buy 1 get 1 free BOGO. Followed all criteria and was denied on the stuart lee website. Stuart Lee said to contact Wireless Advocates which I did and they said go back to Kiosk where I purchased from. The guy who sold me the phone submitted a rebate request form to send to district manager on 6/3/16. Two weeks later (today) didn’t get a call back. I called the cell kioskin and talked to the manager Carlos and he said would find out what’s going on (1040am) 6 calls back to see if he heard anything and said, “I call you right back.” Final call at 545pm his worker said he already left for the day. I try calling the district manager Stuart Merritt and his voice mail is full. I text him everything I’m saying here and no response. I’m just gonna keep calling until something is done. Please if anyone in this area can help or has the same situation let me know. Thanks Loraine
maria2060   Stuartleerebates
Jun 15, 2016
Denied Cash Card
I was supposed to receive a cash card for adding services since November 2015 and I am yet to receive it. I now checked on line and it states that it was denied due ‘Carrier Deactivation’.
I never deactivated my line and it is still in use today so I would like to know what I need to do in order to clear this misunderstanding and receive my cash card.
dtrubshaw   Stuartleerebates
Jun 14, 2016
no cash card yet
Sorry all forgot to tell you if you ordered your phone online through Costco website the lady on the phone told me they will fill out the paperwork
dtrubshaw   Stuartleerebates
Jun 14, 2016
no cash card yet
I have the same complaints as everyone else and I want to let everyone know what I found out. The BOGO is through Verizon and that rebate information is on their website. They kept telling me they didn’t have my UPC so I mailed it in a 2nd time. Nothing changes so I went on the chat and they inputted the number for me and they told me I should see Cash Card from Verizon in 2 weeks. The Costco cash cards is through Costco I called the number 1-888-369-5931. The lady was very nice and told me that it can take 14 weeks after they receive the paperwork. I sent mine in 3/23/16 and they received on 3/31/16. So count out 14 WEEKS seems long. She was able to look up the rebate info for me and told me that I should see something by July 14 but give it until the 21. If at that time I don’t see anything to go to the KIOSK I got phones from and they will fill out a form there and it should take 2 weeks to get Costco Cash Cards.
I hope this helps
jmctague   Stuartleerebates
Jun 3, 2016
No Rebare
We purchased 2 IPhones and switched service from AT&T to Verizon. We promptly sent in paperwork for the rebates and I followed up by stopping by the Costco kiosk to see if they could help. They were helpful and attempted to find any status, but there was no status or any indication of rebate attempt. I’m not sure where to go with this….this is $600 in story credit at Costco. We spend that in a month at the store.
lorenatong   Stuartleerebates
Jun 1, 2016
$200 Cash card not received
On 12/15/15, I bought an iPhone 6s at Costco in Marina del Rey with the promise of getting a $200 Costco cash card in 12-14 weeks if I switched from AT&T to Verizon which I did. At 16 weeks, I still hadn’t received my card and stopped by Costco to check with Barris who sold the phone to me. Today is now 5/31/16, 22 weeks later, and I still haven’t received the card. I called Costco, talked to Barris who said to contact and fill out the Where’s my rebate? form on the lower right. I did and will wait 2 weeks to get my rebate. If I don’t , I’ll file a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau and Costco.
range   Stuartleerebates
May 25, 2016
More on Stuart Lee/Costco Gift Cards
ReCoil posted some very useful info. The Wireless Advocates number is 1-888-369-5931. Turns out they are actually a part of Costco. Stuart Lee’s website claimed my paperwork was received two month late (BS!), so I called this number and spoke with a nice lady. However, early in the conversation it was clear she was not going to do anything more than tell me what is on Stuart Lee’s website. Asked nicely to have the case escalated, and she accommodated. I didn’t actually have talk to anyone in escalation area, but she said the case had been “pushed through” and I would receive my gift cards in 3-5 weeks. We’ll see. But at least it feels like progress.
fernando mateus   Stuartleerebates
May 25, 2016
9 mounts later and NO REBATE $600.00 -$400.00- missing _________VERIZON?,,COSTCO? OR STUART LEE REBATES?
fernando mateus   Stuartleerebates
May 24, 2016
ON 9/04/15 I BOUGH 3 TELEPHONES from verizon @ costco w/ a rebate of $ 600.00 a mouth later i received (1) for $ 200.00 and the other 2 never arrived. i now live a bit far ( 85 miles ) but i;ve been to that costco 7 times.all kind of of excuses -can not find a supervisor -can not find my acct. etc…last time w/ so many words –forget it has been too long . i DO NOT INTENT TO GIVE YOU $ 400.00 TIP. it is not over YET i have been a business member of costco for 30 years i intent to let the H Q know who they are housing . fernando mateus MEMBERSHIP N.000320179887060.
Monicaperez   Stuartleerebates
May 24, 2016
No rebate received
I purchase iphone6 and was suppose to get $200 and after 14 weeks still waiting…
manju shukla   Stuartleerebates
May 21, 2016
costco cash card
hi my name is manju shukla i bought samsang 5th from costco last year some time summer i paid every cash cashier was ver nice time of selling phone next day i send rebate form almost eight month not recived rebate yet i am tired of keep going to costco I Phone dept don’t help.can some one help me.
My cell number is 408 621 4985.
Home 408 224 6129
i really appriciate some one can help
Regards Manju shukla
thhiatt   Stuartleerebates
May 20, 2016
The same thing happened to me at the Verizon kiosk. I tried to contact Stewart Lee . There is no phone number to contact these people. I am very unhappy with costo and Verizon. They say they don’t have any documentation in their system except for one headset. The information for two headsets were mailed on the same sheet. How does that happen? I never had this problem with c-spire. Can’t wait to switchback.
ReCoil   Stuartleerebates
May 17, 2016
I found some rebate information
Ok here is what I have been able to gather. StuartLee Rebates does not approve, or Deny any rebates. That is all handled by Wireless Advocates, the owners of the Kiosk at the Costco stores. If you want to get resolution you can contact them at 1-888-369-5931, or Good Luck …. it worked for me.
lito   Stuartleerebates
May 17, 2016
I bought 2 samsung and 2 iPhone 6 & plus
I bought 4 phone frome costco 3/14/16 I just found out that my rebate for Samsung Galaxy when I apply is denied ($650 worth) when I called the mobile they don’t have any record. I think I need to go back to Costco early tomorrow regarding this matter. Any advice when I talk to them? I’m waiting for that card and also the $25 rebate each new line.
vhusain   Stuartleerebates
May 15, 2016
I bought Samsung galaxy S7 on March 19 with the promotion BOGO: $650 Rebate. Then I found out on April 19, rebate was denied due to Costco’s mistake. They didn’t put my order in so they couldn’t find my sales record. Back to Costco, and they said they will take care of it. Just got a call yesterday, May 14, 2016 from Costco said that I will not get my full rebate due to 2 upgrades instead of new activation. I did have new activation nimber on March 19. So I did everything that they want me to do to get the rebate but now 2 mths later they said I can only get half rebate $325 or return both phones. I asked Costco if I can take with whoever make those decision, but they refused to tell me. So I told Costco, it’s not my fault, I will keep the phone and want my $650 rebate as promised. Costco will call me back with an answer. If no answer until next week, I will file complaint to Costco, Wireless advocates, and T mobile. This is not my fault why should I make a choice to accept their proposal either to return both phones or $325. Will not buying from Costco again and will not recommend to anybody.
3sonsforme   Stuartleerebates
May 14, 2016
Stuart Lee Rebates
I guess I am not alone with my complaint! Purchased two phone in November 2015. Check on the status, says denied, due to carrier deactivation. Really? I have had the same cell phone plan with Verizon for over 10 years. I just sent an email with copies of my cell phone bill, shows active! This is the 2nd time Stuart Lee Rebates has screwed up with my rebates. I’m not sure if they just have an inept rebate system or staff but it’s very unacceptable. When I discussed this problem with my local Costco manager it was explained that Costco rents or leasing the cell phone kiosk to the people who sell phones. They are not associated with Costco. I said as a consumer, I buy an item and get a Costco receipt, I think they are associated with Costco and they need to look into this problem. I am thinking we need to look into a class action suit against Stuart Lee and possible Costco. Has anyone looked into this or have any thoughts?
No rebate yet – 14 weeks later
I purchased my Galaxy S6 at Costco in Danvers, MA on January 17th. Mailed the paperwork the next day with tracking. Stuart Lee website says they didn’t receive it until Feb. 9th, which is incorrect since I have the damn tracking. Now here we are on May 11 and still no friggan rebate. It has been showing as pending on their website for over a month. I better get my damn $150!!! Sadly, I referred a few co-workers to Costco to get this “amazing” deal and none of them have received their rebates either. What’s up with that??
tapmmrr1   Stuartleerebates
May 10, 2016
I have the exact same issue with a Samsung phone and a new iPhone. Maybe everyone needs to complain to Costco and then find out who owns the kiosk’s in the store and start hounding them with calls. This is absolutely ridiculous and such a SCAM. The website for support is an absolute joke. I am also surprised that Costco would do business with them too!!
dkviduna   Stuartleerebates
May 10, 2016
This is definitely a scam and I, like the others, are very surprised with Costco! I purchased my phone on Jan 16, 2016 and have been trying to get information on their lousy website. There is no information available. I think it is ridiculous to have to wait 14 weeks and even more ridiculous that on their website they say they update the information every 2 weeks. WHAT A RIP OFF!!! You better believe I will be writing corporate Costco about this lousy service. Furthermore, when this contract is up I will be changing to another carrier. I’m not falling for this load of crap again!
lady   Stuartleerebates
May 4, 2016
How long do I have to fill out the rebate paperwork?
My sister bought a Samsung Galaxy 6 on March 31, 2016 and the sales guy at Costco never gave us any info on how to get the rebate and then we both just forgot. How long do they give you to fill out the paperwork and where do I get it?
olgagreen   Stuartleerebates
May 2, 2016
No rebates on Samsung Galaxy 6 purchased at Costco
I purchased 2 phones Samsung Galaxy-6 from Costco on Dec.20, 2015 and mailed rebate forms for both phones of $200 and $150 for each number 2 days later. I have received 2 $200 vouchers about 16 weeks later. It is May now but I still haven’t received my 2 $150 rebates yet. I checked rebate status on Stuart lee web site but there is the record of my only 2 $200 rebates that were mailed to me and absolutely nothing about the other two. Is this some kind of scam? Now that I am reading letters of many people complaining for the same reason I realized that I am not alone. Do you want proceed? I am in
Consumer complaints and reviews about Costco/Stuart Lee Rebates
olgagreen   Stuartleerebates
May 2, 2016
No rebates on Samsung Galaxy 6 purchased at Costco
I purchased 2 phones Samsung Galaxy-6 from Costco on Dec.20, 2015 and mailed rebate forms for both phones of $200 and $150 for each number 2 days later. I have received 2 $200 vouchers about 16 weeks later. It is May now but I still haven’t received my 2 $150 rebates yet. I checked rebate status on Stuart lee web site but there is the record of my only 2 $200 rebates that were mailed to me and absolutely nothing about the other two. Is this some kind of scam? Now that I am reading letters of many people complaining for the same reason I realized that I am not alone.
deannasa   Stuartleerebates
Apr 28, 2016
Costco Rebates
Looks like i’m having the same issue as all other customers! Didn’t think i’d have this issue with a product i purchased in Costco! i’ve emailed/called Stuart Lee and no one ever gets back to me. This is definitely dishonest!
acpwalker   Stuartleerebates
Apr 26, 2016
Tadlam   Stuartleerebates
Apr 26, 2016
Costco Stuart Lee Rebates
I bought a Verizon cell phone for my husband for Valentines Day and I was promised a Costco gift card. I was given all this paperwork to mail in and after 12 weeks nothing as of yet. What a scam!! Costco should compensate there customers and issue gift cards. Never had this issue with Sam’s.
We need to get together and sue this company.
jovanmeet   Stuartleerebates
Apr 19, 2016
NO acknowledgement of receipt
I have mailed …emailed and faxed in the last four months no one wants to claim anything…hello a fax and an email have conformation….Wireless Advocates are just as rude too…awful awful customer service …VERIZON and COSTCO shame on you for using such companies….
nyackjoy   Stuartleerebates
Apr 17, 2016
14 weeks have past and no rebate.
Fourteen weeks later and I have still not received my rebate. I have visited my Verizon Rep 3 times at my local Costco store. He checks on line and it says “pending”. Well it’s been pending now for 15 weeks. I will never, ever go to Costco and sign up again. I am thoroughly disgusted. There is no phone number to reach the great Stuart Lee Rebates. I have completed the form to make my request for further information and receive nothing in return. I will be seeking legal advice.
pamdee   Stuartleerebates
Apr 14, 2016
Toristarz   Stuartleerebates
Apr 13, 2016
Stuart lee rebates
I also purchased an apple 6plus & lg tablet (she said its practically free with the rebate given) 12-26-15 & to this day have NOT received either pf my $150 rebates. $300 is alot and I feel scammed!! Stuart Lee Rebates emailed me today stating they have NOT received my paperwork but I mailed it 12-30-15!
Diana Maurice   Stuartleerebates
Apr 7, 2016
I Phone 6 Plus
I bought a I Phone 6 Plus from COSTCO, Greenville,SC on February 13, 2016 and till today I have not received the $200.00 COSTCO Cash Card. I bought the I Phone 6 Plus because of the rebate that was offered. I have been cheated and my experience is similar to others who have voiced their opinion viz. “Stuart Lee Rebates is running a scam”.
prflood   Stuartleerebates
Apr 7, 2016
No cash card either
I purchased an iphone6 from Costco exclusively for the $225 cash card rebate offer. After 6-7 weeks, my rebate is still no showing up in their system. After reading all the reviews, I am appalled. I am headed to Costco tomorrow and will see what they say. This is outrageous. I may consider a civil lass action against Stuart Lee if this is not all resolved. I wouldn’t have bought the phone if there hadn’t been the offer.
jimsmothers3   Stuartleerebates
Apr 7, 2016
Rebate Never Received
Fell for the “SCAM” also. We were promised a $250.00 Costco Cash Card as a rebate for purchasing a Samsung Note 5. Did all that was required, mailed the completed rebate request, and 18 weeks later we still have not received the rebate promised. Stuart Lee claims to have no record ( surprise…surprise). I wish that I had read these reviews on Stuart Lee before ordering the phone. Shame on you Costco for being associated with a bunch of crooks like Stuart Lee. As a member since 1991, i
I am truly disappointed in you for being associated with these criminals.
Jim Smothers
(704) 829-9347
fa03   Stuartleerebates
Mar 29, 2016
Denied Note 5 Rebate
For many weeks, the rebate status was showing as pending. Checking it now it shows denied. This is unacceptable, as customer service with Stuart Lee rebates is basically non existent.
hambone   Stuartleerebates
Mar 28, 2016
I purchased two S6 phones November 25, 2015 at the PX Fort Rucker Army Base, Fort Rucker, AL, each with a $250 rebate which was heavily advertised. Rebate papers were mailed the SAME day and acknowledged receipt by STUART LEE December 7, 2015.
JOHN GARCIA (334-598-1274) is the manager of the VERIZON sales department at Fort Rucker, Alabama. Was PROMISED refund in 12-14 weeks. HAS NOT HAPPENED.
Calls to Verizon about this issue was initially promising. On March 3, 2016, VERIZON told me I would receive my rebate on or before March 15, 2016. Never happened.
I called VERIZON again on March 25, 2016. VERIZON only wants to state they are not affiliated with rebate company (STUART LEE REBATES) and can not offer help. I can find NO WAY to contact STUART LEE REBATES other than an email form (which when completed, I get an IMMEDIATE (computer generated) answer stating my rebate has been ISSUED with a date of a month ago.
Calls to JOHN GARCIA are fruitless. He or his employees state that its out of their hands. More calls to VERIZON only gets the same info …. They are not affiliated with the rebate company.
EASY SOLUTION to issues like this: If a rebate is offered, then the rebate should COME OFF THE PURCHASE PRICE IMMEDIATELY.
JOHN GARCIA phone number: 334-598-1274
VERIZON (CHRIS – Supervisor with Verizon who has tried to help me) 585-721-9020.
VERIZON …. STUART LEE is giving you brand a BAD NAME!
Bob W   Stuartleerebates
Mar 22, 2016
Rebate Denied!
Purchased four phones, 3 iPhone 6S’s with a $250 each rebate and 1 Samsung Galaxy with a $275 rebate. After about 10 weeks my status showed up on their website as pending for all four phones. Now at week 14 I check the status and two of the phones are denied due to “Carrier Deactivation”. This is completely ridiculous since the phones were immediately activated and remain so today. Tried calling Stuart Lee directly at (425) 712-9880 but only received a tape response. Just send an email to customer service which I’m sure will go nowhere. Stuart Lee is a RIP OFF and Costco should honor the rebates directly. At present I’m out $525 and doubt I will see the other $500. The rebates were the only reason I purchased these phones!
mayday   Stuartleerebates
Mar 21, 2016
no rerbate
Bought two Iphones at costco with the promise of a $200 costco gift card for each phone. Sent in paper work following monday. Never received gift card. It has been 17 weeks. I log on to Stuart Lee rebate center and put in phome numbers and the messages says pending 14 weeks or less status. Total sca. Will never do a rebate and will not renew my costco membership
Ms B   Stuartleerebates
Mar 20, 2016
Wireless Advocate/Stuart Lee
Purchased phone online was informed the accessory bonus (charger and $25.00 Costco card) would be received 2 weeks after purchase. That was February 18, 2016! I have contacted Wireless Advocate by phone and email only to receive template response send in paperwork. The paperwork was first emailed as requested and then mailed 2/21/2016, I still have not received the accessory bonus pack! Wireless Advocate/Stuart Lee is making Costco look bad!! I have purchased other items from Costco and no issues or waiting this long to received my rebates. I see on the website it takes up to 14 weeks to received $175.00 Costco shame on you doing business with a company with poor customer service.   Stuartleerebates
Mar 19, 2016
Costco/Verizon rebates
Purchased 1 phone with $250.00 rebate December 3 2015 and another on December 23, 2015 along with a tablet that had a 100.00 rebate + a $40.00 rebate. Received the $100.00 rebate very promptly. On the Stuart Lee rebate site it shows they will be dispersed on or before March 15, 2016. What a lie! Over 16 weeks on the first one and 14 weeks on the other 2, does one have to file a complaint with the BBB. Is it possible to cancel the contract with Verizon?
cats5756   Stuartleerebates
Mar 17, 2016
Stuart Lee Rebates
I guess there should be some comfort in knowing I’m not alone with this issue. Today, 14.2 weeks following the date they received my rebate request, I still have no rebate, still reflects pending. I submitted a question via their contact option, and auto-response says I would hear between 5-7 work days. Within minutes following, I receive an email from them with a image of my *Pending* status and response indicating that they are still validating my request, and go it goes on to say that the process normally takes 12 – 16 weeks. Excuse me…16 weeks. NO WHERE does anything written or posted mention 16 week time frame. Even the image of my pending status that they included in the email says 12-14 weeks for processing. Something is very wrong here. On the exact day that it becomes 16 weeks I shall be bugging them again if I have not received my rebate. After that, I’m going to use my social media accounts to address this more publicly.
sravan19871   Stuartleerebates
Mar 14, 2016
False promise
Just like everyone else we purchased 2 note 5’s at costco t-mobile with 250 rebate each ($25 + $225) during thanksgiving week, we submitted immediately and after 14 weeks they sent the 2 $25 rebates and that was it, a total ripoff, we are still trying to reach out to them to get the 2 $225 rebates but no response from them yet.
trex   Stuartleerebates
Mar 12, 2016
Costco Verizon Rebate
I also purchased a phone from the Verizon Kiosk inside Costco with the promise of a $200 rebate on Black Friday and still not rebate. I have called twice. The first time I called 3 weeks ago the lady said I should receive it by March 10th…here it is March 11th and no rebate. Called again just now and he can’t even see my rebate request. I have purchased phones through the Costco Verizon Kiosk for years and always got my rebates in a few weeks. I have a number for all of you that can’t find it. It is 1-888-369-5931. I am so irritated and I am tired of the run around. Good luck. I hope we all get our rebates!
cultrain88   Stuartleerebates
Mar 11, 2016
Stuart Lee rebates/Costco
Purchased two Note 5. Came with four rebates 2ea. $15 and 2ea. $250. Stuart Lee sends the 2ea. $15 rebates then says they’ve fulfilled the order. No one to talk to of course. The people working the kiosks (wireless advocates) act like they don’t know. Huge scam. Costco is not taking responsibility. It’s a bunch of bs. I guess Costco doesn’t take the high road. All about greed now.
Scammedandfrustrated   Stuartleerebates
Mar 11, 2016
Stuart Lee rebate scam
I purchased 3 Samsung S6 phones with rebates of $250 per phone in November 2015. I submitted the rebate forms within 2 days of the purchase. I checked the Stewart Lee website and found no information about my rebate 8 weeks after submission. I received an email from Stuart Lee having me upload all of the information and copies of the receipt again. It is now 14 weeks since my purchase and have no more information about my 3 rebate cash cards. Stuart Lee gives no phone number and no option to speak to a live person. After a lot of Google tracking I found a phone number that appears to be the Stuart Lee Rebate Center or at least is in the same location as the Rebate Center. The number is 425 – 712 – 9880. If you call this number it does not give any information as to what company or business you have reached and simply says there are no agents available but gives you the option to leave a message. I have left several messages with no response. Maybe if enough people call someone will respond or they may just disconnect the phone number. I I’m not even positive that this is the Stuart Lee Rebate Center but it does show up that way in the Google search engine even though when you call there is no indication that it is affiliated with Stuart Lee or any other company for that matter. I am amazed that Costco would do business with the company like Stuart Lee.
MISSY CLEMENT   Stuartleerebates
Mar 10, 2016
Mar 10, 2016
Still NO Rebate
I bought the Verizon S6 edge for $424.28 on December 22, 2015 AND the tablet they pushed as FREE that cost me $173.49 that came with a nice $40 activation fee though it’s not a phone. Today is March 9th and still NO REBATES received. I try looking it up via Stuart Lee Rebates website and it’s showing NOTHING for both rebates… NOT HAPPY!!!!!!!!
Teekay   Stuartleerebates
Mar 10, 2016
Stuart lee rebate is a Costco’s class A Scam
So you goto Costco and see a nice rebate on the new IPhone. Since its at Costco, you easily all for it considering the company’s reputation. You send the required documents and copied to the address provided by the Verizon Kiosk – what next ? a long wait before you give up a hope for any money back.
Talked to Costco and they don’t deal with the mail in rebate and it’s all via Stuart Lee. Verizon has no information as its Costco who is offering this rebate. I should have know the mail in rebates are all the same. Looks like my $400 is gone down the drain and there is not much I can do.
Any lawyer looking for a good case and publicity can definitely file a law suit and get any needed support from people who have posted their complain here. Count me in.
Consumer complaints and reviews about Costco/Stuart Lee Rebates
Jschoen   Stuartleerebates
Mar 8, 2016
No rebate
Purchased 2 samsung S6 edge plus phones on Monday, Nov 30. It was advertised as an extension of Black Friday. The promo was we would be receiving a $275 costco cash card per phone. STILL WAITING!!!
My email address is
frustrated56   Stuartleerebates
Mar 4, 2016
Rebate from Verizon/Costco
I bought an iphone and an LG Pad from Verizon at the kiosk in the Costco store. I was supposed to receive 2 rebates totaling $350. These items were purchased on Oct. 31 and November 2, 2015 and I have still not received anything to this day, which is March 3, 2016! I went to the website to get some information and it shows my rebate as being mailed out on Feb. 2, 2016, a whole month ago. Their website does not give a phone number to call and ask questions…so frustrating. My next step is to go into Costco to see if they may have some information to help me with this problem.
lebarnett46   Stuartleerebates
Mar 1, 2016
Costco Verizon Rebate Ripoff
Stewart Lee Rebates a scapegoat for Costco and Verizon’s unethical practices?
So you buy a phone from Verizon at Costco because of the Costco advertised rebate.
A good deal so you think until it doesn’t come and you can’t get any information from anyone?
Costco says it’s now not their rebate, even though you purchased the phone and plan from the Verizon Kiosk in their store and the rebate was advertised in their flyer? Verizon claims they are not connected of course. So, who in the hell is Stewart Lee anyway? A trumped up fake company that has no assets and sole purpose is to dissuade you by attrition that it’s just not worth continuing to pursue your rebate?
I can’t find any other public forum that these bitch sites so I would suggest that you respond to this same site with your email address so we can compile a list of violated customers.
Then maybe we can get a lawyer to file a class action suit against these crooks and just may get our rightfully owed rebate plus something extra for all our work?
Excuse my French but this is just plain bullshit.
Leon Barnett
wantmyrebate   Stuartleerebates
Feb 26, 2016
When do I get my rebates/
My neighbor and I bought two IPhones from Costco and still have not received our rebates. We stood in line for two hours to get this deal too. How do we even track them? I am going to Costcos to complain. What a scam.
ezzmaher   Stuartleerebates
Feb 25, 2016
no rebate receive
I bought iphone 6sfrom Costco on 12/22/2015 , I should have rebate , until now no rebate recioved
airesm   Stuartleerebates
Feb 24, 2016
i phone rebate
Bought 2 i phones at costco end of september still waiting for my rebate of 50.00 each can’t get a phone # to call any one
Robbaseco   Stuartleerebates
Feb 23, 2016
Costco T-moblie
Well I see that I’m not the only person having the same issues. Hmm so basically Costco is letting a scam go on the inside because I am positive the sale person said 3-4weeks now when I call they say sorry it is thru Stuart Lee rebates and 14weeks. I so mad about this whole situation. I have never got the run around on a rebate in my life like this.
mayday   Stuartleerebates
Feb 22, 2016
Sruart lee rebates
I bought tow i phones on black friday from Costco for the $200 rebate. Still have not received a rebate. They activated my before I left the store even though it was a christmas present and I did not start using then till Dec 25. Supposedly you have to be with the wireless carrier 3 months to get your rebate but it has been more than that and Stuart lee is saying rebate pending 14 weeks. I will never do another rebate and I won’t shop Costco again after I use up the gift card that I may never get! Hate getting ripped off.
VALAWR   Stuartleerebates
Feb 22, 2016
Stuart Lee SCAM
In my opinion Stuart Lee Rebates is running a scam–rebates set for pay out simply disappear from accounts–no way to contact them to see notify them of error. They don’t respond when you submit something on their “submit” your issue site. Guess they want to get pulled into local small claims courts–recommend others do as I am going to do.
weitao   Stuartleerebates
Feb 22, 2016
costco rebate
bought an Samsung galaxy S6 edge plus from Costco online on Sept. 12, 2015, it was $150 Costco cash card promotion…so far I did not receive $150.0 Costco gift card…
I checked at Stuart Lee Rebates site and called Costco wireless online many many times…so far, no clear answer…
I do believe that it is Costco’s responsibility – Costco has to ensure qualified customer should get what Costco offered at purchase. is it sort of breach agreement between Costco and its customer?
Do you agree?
Trueloved   Stuartleerebates
Feb 18, 2016
No rebates
We purchased 5 devices; 3 note 5s and 2 tables. the rebate owing for the note 5s is total $600 and the tablets $300. We received, from Verizon, $300 for the tablets but no one can tell me where the $600 due is; no phone numbers, sales people that were hip to getting me into the devices have nothing to say now. I am so angry that Costco would allow this scam to continue.
barbara hunter   Stuartleerebates
Feb 18, 2016
stuart lee rebate costco
I sent in all my proper paperwork from verizin Costco cash card rebate. purchased galaxys6. on nov 19,2015. sent in to lee rebates 0n11/25/2015. was received in wa on 11/30/2015. still no rebate. please respond.
Joanna4444   Stuartleerebates
Feb 16, 2016
scammed by stuart lee?
Stuart Lee Rebates seems to be a scamming website — I completed a “contact” form online — with all my information — but interestingly no way to ‘send’ the information — which I presume is how this ‘scam’ works? I find it highly suspect that someone who is tech-savvy could be unable to find the ‘send’ button. Meanwhile the box next to their ‘contact’ form offered to answer my questions online …. a total scam — doesn’t feel good! They have information — I have no way to erase or get a response ….
I was attempting to learn if they would send my check to my mailing address which is a post office box, prior to my submitting my rebate form–the ‘rules’ of which remind me of a sweepstakes ticket — if you don’t do everything right — you might not get the rebate — oh and you have to wait 12-14 weeks as starters …. and when I go online there are tons of complaints about Costco/Verizon rebates from Stuart Lee — is anyone out there listening….Costco? Verizon? Stuart Lee is giving your rebate program a BLACK EYE!
Jaamm   Stuartleerebates
Feb 15, 2016
I switched from AT&T to Verizon due to the incentive of $250 Costco cash card per line you switched. Well not only was I a bit disappointed with my Verizon cell signal, I never received my gift cards! I tried to track them and said they were never there?? No number to call! Very upset with this rebate company already. Horrible service, or more like no service since they never processed my forms months later!
Tammy Butler   Stuartleerebates
Feb 12, 2016
Costco/Verizon Stuart Lee Rebate
First of all I have to say, I am totally disgusted with I have been reading about all this. My phone broke in December 2015 and my husband and I went to the kiosk at Costco. It seemed fairly cut and dry. We had no reason to suspect that anything could go wrong, especially through Costco or Verizon of whom my husband and I have been customers for years. We paid out of pocket four hundred odd dollars and were told that we would receive rebates for a total of $600 in Costco cash. It has been well over two months, almost three now and no checks or cards. This totally removes any integrity I had in either company to rectify this situation, after reading all of these complaints. I will call the number that was given in one of these complaints and will also be contacting Costco and Verizon. If anyone has had any luck with the correct avenue to approach this situation please let me know. Also, I can’t believe that these rebates are still being offered with all of the complaints and dissatisfied customers. If this is not fixed promptly, we will definitely be looking for other companies to do business with. Also, I will let everyone I talk to know about this situation. Costco and Verizon will not see any customers coming their way via our suggestions.
Helpmenow   Stuartleerebates
Feb 6, 2016
Costco/Stuart Lee Rebates—VERIZON
On 6-4-15 i bought an IPhone 6 plus 64 gig.
Was sold with push that easy $150 rebate was to be given to me..
Words sales folks used were EASY, NO PROBLEM……
I waited and watied and waited,,but nothing,
Finally i had gone the to Fremont Costco phone booth, slaes person said i needed to talk to a manager but one wasnt there that day AND THEY WOULD NOT GIVE ME CONTACT NUMBER.
This same sotry happen a total of 4 times—NO HELP AT ALL.
Funny work so hard to tell you lies to get your money then deceive and steal from you while they pocket the customers money.
I have also filed rebate website request for answer but no reply as of yet..
I feel like just walking up the the phone sales booth and walking off with $200 worth of merchandise–$150 due to me and $50 for all my wasted time…….but of course i will get arrested.. How the heck has this turned into a one sided deal like this in this country.
Rangermedic   Stuartleerebates
Feb 2, 2016
Haven’t received my rebate
I purchased my Samsung Galaxy 6 from the Antioch Costco back in 11/13/2015. I sent the paperwork that the Costco vendor printed for me. I never received anything. I finally went to Costco to speak to the vendor I was told it was denied for an unknown reason. I contacted Stuart rebates on line but no answer. Very disappointed.
customer30   Stuartleerebates
Jan 30, 2016
Costco Stuart Lee Rebate partnership
FACT: “Costco generated sales of about 87 billion U.S. dollars and operated a total of 592 warehouses. As a result, Costco’s average sales per warehouse amounted to 146 million U.S. dollars.”
Bought two Samsung 6 phones on August 16th 2015. We were told that we would receive two separate Costco $100 cash cards after mailing in all of the forms. We did that and of course made copies. Kept checking Stuart Lee Rebate website. Jan 8 2016 the website said they had mailed out ONE cash card. Never got it. Complained that we were to get two as promised by COSTCO. We were ignored. Still not even one CASH CARD received.
COSTCO: Shame on you! Stuart Lee Rebates is a scam! The only way to deal with this kind of business dishonesty is to picket Costco.They will only pay attention when it costs them money. COSTCO’s excuse is that the phone KIOSK is run by another business . . . really? If I come to your house and your Gardner (subcontractor) attacks me . . . the court says you are responsible since it happened on YOUR property.
COSTCO: your consumers are asking for your help to maintain your good reputation . . . are you listening?
frustratedconsumer   Stuartleerebates
Jan 29, 2016
Missing rebate
Horrible experience!! We were supposed to get two rebates for two phones but only got one. Called the Costco wireless company and they asked me to contact Stuart Lee Rebates directly. But they don’t even have a phone number to talk to a live person. The website prompts you to submit a web form and wait up to a week for response. I find Costco customer service to be best of class, but they have chosen to work with a rebate company that does not process rebates correctly and cannot be easily contacted when they have caused problems!!! Extremely frustrating. My next phone will be purchased elsewhere.
VeryVERYUpset   Stuartleerebates
Jan 26, 2016
Stuart Lee Wireless Phone Rebate
I purchased two (2) iphone 6 telephones from Kennesaw Costco. I was promised two (2) Stewart Lee Rebates of $200.00 each, one for each phone. I sent in ALL paperwork the following day. I have patiently waited for these Costco Cash Card rebates and to my extreme displeasure, I have received one (1) Costco Cash Card in the amount of $15.00. SERIOUSLY??? What a slap in the face and what a terrible slander on Costco. I had never had any problems with Costco EVER and I am a serious Costco shopper! I am very surprised that Costco has allowed this company within its family! There is absolutely no Stewart Lee Customer service, no phone number, no email. To say i am upset is an understatement, and the fact that there is an actual Stewart Lee Rebate/Costco forum REALLY steams me!!!! I went to Sams Club today instead of my usual Costco shop, so Sams Club ended up with my $430 worth of purchases today!
mohan.maddike   Stuartleerebates
Jan 9, 2016
Stuart Lee Wireless phone rebates
Stuart Lee Wireless phone rebates
I purchased iPhone 6s at Costco on Nov 14,2015, $250.00 from AT&T (my provider) which was handled by the mailing rebates through Stuart Lee in Lynnwood,WA. I sent rebates form within a week from the purchase date. Till now no information on online whether mail was reached or not.
i felt very bad about Stuart Lee, no proper response from customer care. its give bad impression to Costco. Costco should take responsibility. if any buddy have customer care number, could any one update please.
sooyunjoh   Stuartleerebates
Jan 5, 2016
Stuart Lee Wireless phone rebates
I purchased iPhone6 at Costco on Aug 7,2015 with the two rebates, $200.00 from AT&T (my provider) and $150.00 from iPhone company which was handled by the mailing rebates through Stuart Lee in Lynnwood,WA. I sent both rebates forms within a week from the purchase date. I received one cash card of $200.00 in the second week of November. It took 12 weeks. This was perfect. But I was still waiting for another cash card of $150.00. Today on Jan 4th, 2016. I received a check of $55.00 instead of $150.00 cash card. Through www, I submitted this amount difference for the explanation. I got an email back on the details on the rebate records within an hours but there is no explanation of the difference between $150.00 and $55.00. There is some questionable information on the record which I will ask them to find the fact. My case would be better than other case but I will call them to find out the reason for this rebate amount difference. I will post it when I find the reason for it. After reading all the complaints on this website i think that the Stuart Lee Rebates in Lynnwood,WA has a bad, inconsistent business practice which should be corrected.
melissavelasquez   Stuartleerebates
Jan 2, 2016
did not receive rebate for phone
I purchased a phone and a tablet from Costco Warehouse in La Habra. I was promised to receive $150 in rebates. I purchased onn 9-30-15. I keep receiving letter’s that my rebate’s are missing information. I am frustrated. Do you have my rebate information for phone number 562-217-5386? My name is Melissa Velasquez 562-522-8886?POS loCATION CODE 74047 aPPT.iD nO. 675035244 ACCOUT 760286837-1. dEVICE iD 990-004892441820 FFECTIVE DATE 9-29-15.MELISSA VELASQUEZ 11706 Telechron Ave. Whittier CA,90605.
Cmas   Stuartleerebates
Dec 31, 2015
Samsung Galaxy S6/Galaxy S6 Edge Rebate
I purchased my phone at Costco because I was supposed to get a $70 rebate. Then I learned it would take 14 weeks to get it! Okay, so that’s bad enough, but it never came. When I followed up on, it was “denied”. No explanation, no recourse! I had done every tiny little direction for what they needed. Where is Costco in all this? They are usually so good about stuff like this. How can they get by with this? Last phone – or anything I buy at Costco that is supposed to have a rebate. Disgusting.
LHBrook   Stuartleerebates
Dec 26, 2015
Stuart Lee Rebates
Everyone should go to Costco’s and Wireless Advocates website and submit complaint about Stuart Lee as I did and perhaps we can get some results. I’m sure neither company wants this attention they are receiving due to SLR’s incompetence.

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