#How to Cancel Your Kindle Unlimited Service on Amazon

By | August 9, 2018

How to Cancel Your Kindle Unlimited Service on Amazon

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So let’s say that you tried the new Kindle Unlimited service, and now you want to cancel it. Just how do you unsubscribe and cancel Kindle Unlimited on Amazon? If you search Amazon, they provide this spectacularly unhelpful guidance: “You may cancel your subscription at any time by visiting your account and adjusting your settings.”
We say ‘unhelpful’ because, perhaps not surprisingly, the way that you cancel the Kindle Unlimited service is buried several layers deep on Amazon. So here are step-by-step directions for cancelling your Kindle Unlimited service.
How to Cancel Your Kindle Unlimited Service on Amazon
Sign into your Amazon account, click on the “Your Account” drop-down from the menu bar at the top, and select “Your Account”:
When you get to the Your Account page, skip down past the Settings section, to the Digital Content section, and click on “Manage Your Content and Devices”:
From the Manage Your Content and Devices screen, click on “Settings”:
Scroll down to “Kindle Unlimited Settings” and click on the button that says “Cancel Kindle Unlimited”:
Click on the “I want to cancel” button on the confirmation pop-up:
And your Kindle Unlimited subscription will be cancelled.


Linda the doberman 8/4/2018
Wow, thank you for the info. The steps are outrageous. So glad l fount this article.
Jessica 7/25/2018
Thank you!!! I’m not sure how I even “subscribed” in the first place.
mujahid 5/31/2018
how can I get to that page?
Jake 5/2/2018
Thanks for your help.
Also I followed the advice of others and complained to Amazon (which was a mission in itself), and they refunded the money.
Sandy Mary 4/12/2018
Thank you
jay kaye 4/6/2018
Thanks, Anne. Very public-spirited of you. Glad to be unsubscibed at last from Kindle Unlimited (it was far too limited to be worthwhile). Was Amazon deliberately making it difficult for subscribers (= freeloaders in many cases, including mine) to cancel their enrolment? Just one thing: your instructions are slightly imprecise for UK subscribers (presumably Amazon’s UK website uses different wording, icons, layout, etc), but they provided good enough guidance for me to follow through.
Alma gough 3/28/2018
didn’t sign up for this .Please cancel and send
Refund.Iam elderly so I do not know how this has happened. I am really cross
About this . Thanks
Trish 3/24/2018
Thanks! Very easy to follow
Mamie Selman 1/20/2018
I don’t like the way you do business, I do not want kindle unlimited or kindle archeology or kindle Adirondacks please stop at once
J Waite 1/12/2018
How do I cancel kindle unlimited there is no where that I can see fed up of having £7.99 taken off my bank account
Judy Sanders 1/5/2018
I have not signed up for Kindle, but am being charged $10.69 a month I have looked at my bank statement for the past seven months(since July of 2017) and the charge has been there.
agnes 11/17/2017
My goodness i cannot see or find delete/cancel kindle unlimited ,someone help!
dilip 10/5/2017
Thank you very much internet patrol team. Very useful tip which seems harder at first in managing kindle app.
Philip 8/30/2017
Thank you so much. This is amazing advice Amazon appear to think they can just charge people witout permission for this ‘service’ just because you accidently click one button. We contacted amazon and they are refunding 6 months worth of money ariund £50!
Rachel 7/18/2017
Thank you! Had been struggling with this!!
Jb 7/8/2017
Thank you! I had one of my students sign me up for this and i didn’t even know ;(
Hamidur 7/7/2017
I do not see “cancel kindle unlimited”, I only can see “Manage your Membership” what does that mean?
Melissa Tetrault 6/29/2017
Reena 4/10/2017
Thank you!! Awesome step by step guide.
Megan 4/8/2017
God bless you with a handsome payback!!!! You saved lots of people lots of time and frustration and I am truly grateful.
Pcarr 2/27/2017
Omg who ever wrote these instructions needs a raise! Thank you!
Cati 2/24/2017
Thank you so much for posting this and for your help!!
Carol 1/22/2017
Thanks! It worked!
@AnnePMitchell 12/15/2016
Thank you, Caitie! I love cake! 🙂
Caitie 12/14/2016
Whomever you are…you deserve a cake or something.
Bridgette 10/12/2016
Very helpful, thank you so much!
George 8/22/2016
To the best of my knowledge I never ordered nor authorized Kindle unlimited it just showed up on my checking account a s a deduction
Belami 7/29/2016
Thank you so much, I spent hours on amazon looking for way to cancel my kindle unlimited subscription. Very helpful.
Sheila 7/2/2016
“Spectacularly unhelpful guidance” from amazon was correct. Thank you so much for this! (My 10yo daughter subscribed to Kindle Unlimited without my knowledge or permission…a huge relief that I could cancel it so easily, but amazon sure didn’t want me to know it was easy!)
Susan Fisher 6/28/2016
Cannot purchase kinkle book after paying $10.99 per month on kinndle unlimited
will not process transaction…next step is to cancel service,,
Cheryl 6/10/2016
Thank you thank you thank you!!!!
@AnnePMitchell 5/30/2016
Joyce, the Internet Patrol has absolutely nothing to do with Amazon at all, let alone your Kindle or your account. We are just a site that wrote up the directions.
Joyce Thiel 5/30/2016
I don’t need directions to cancel … Someone??? has already done that for me now I can’t even get into Kindle to read any of my books … I think your system…….. Can’t say that here. Just fix what someone on your end has done to my Kindle, if not I’ll have to find me a better system.
April 5/28/2016
Very very helpful, thank you!!
Charlotte Hyatt 5/16/2016
Thanks for these great instructions. I canceled on one laptop but it did not cancel on the other laptop. I finally called them and got it straitened out AND a refund of the two months.
Melissa 5/12/2016
Thank you so much! I have been all over Amazon trying to figure this out; they make it really difficult!
Josie 4/30/2016
What do you do when it says you’re not currently subscribed when you are?
Frank 4/27/2016
Thanks a lot!
Michelle Bullock 4/26/2016
Thank you so much… very useful…
Peter 4/24/2016
I couldn’t find kindle unlimited in account settings is there another way?
Namaste 4/22/2016
Thank you!
Jelena 4/18/2016
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Frank 3/29/2016
thank you!!!
mark norris 3/21/2016
this doesn’t work if you (dumbly, I confess) signed up for a longer subscription. It will only allow you to prevent it from renewing.
So .. how to cancel a multi-month subscription — and, people, just don’t do that!!!
Ali 3/3/2016
Thank you so much. Easy to follow instructions and best of all it worked.
Martina 2/29/2016
Brilliant! Job done and dusted. Kept telling me I was not subscribed to Kindle Unlimited so therefore no option to cancel. Would never have sorted it without this great little article. Thank you so much.
Alok 2/27/2016
Thank you for this
Perry Rodland 1/25/2016
Thank you
Susan 1/5/2016
Thank you so much. I returned my Kindle only after finding and completing the “cancel Kindle Unlimited” on the Kindle itself. And then cancelled my account on the Kindle itself. Bad move. The Kindle apparently had to be reconnected to the computer to upload the cancellation. I’m supposing here, because I have been charged for 4 months since so the cancellation didn’t happen. Phone is not an option so I was up a creek. On the wild chance that someone else had the same problem, I tried google. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Expert directions.
Nikki 12/5/2015
I thought I had cancelled my subscription months ago. $30-$40 I realized I hadn’t. Thank you so much for this extremely helpful and easy to follow guide.
helen shulman 11/27/2015
extremely helpful, thanks!
helen shulman 11/27/2015
This was extremely helpful. Thanks! I didn’t intend to sign up in the first place. I didn’t click on the option, but apparently hovered over it for a fraction of a second too long and there I was being congratulated for being part of Amazon Unlimted.Then the problem was to cancel it. I was already miffed so was particularly glad to find your detailed and accurate description.
BTW does anyone know how, or if, the authors are paid?
Baye 11/18/2015
Thank you. I would have never figured that out on my own. This site is a great resource. I will definitely use it again.
Jackie 11/10/2015
Thank you!! You just saved me $10 and probably an hour of my time!! 😉
Vanessa 11/9/2015
Most helpful article I’ve ever read! Thanks.
Ryan 9/11/2015
Made it super easy to cancel this. Thank you for this step by step.
Gene 9/4/2015
I think it’s worth noting that you can’t get to that page with managing digital content on the mobile site. I had to view full site just to get to that. Thanks for this article.
Karen 8/31/2015
Super helpful!! Would never have found that without your detailed help! Thank you!
Bill 8/25/2015
Very easy your way. I couldn’t have done it without calling Amazon. Good Job
Erin T 8/18/2015
Thank you! Clear, concise, exactly what I needed!
Tammy 8/17/2015
Thank you – this was great! Those step-by-step instructions that actually match up to what you see on the screen (lots of time that’s not the case) made this so easy. Amazon makes this very difficult and frustrating to wade through on your own.
Dawn 8/13/2015
Thank you!
K Oram 8/11/2015
VERY HELPFUL – Very simple, clear instructions. Thanks for helping me cancel my Kindle unlimited – I didn’t even realise I had signed up until they took money from me !
David 8/10/2015
First class – I had almost given up wading throughthe Amazon jungle. Thank you!
Kirsty 8/9/2015
Very helpful. I was so mad going through my Amazon account and still not figuring out how to cancel the stupid thing. I liked that you did it step by step. It took me two minutes with this.
Bill 8/8/2015
Thanks. My wife thought that she had to buy a book to do this. Kindle sells the book
laura 8/7/2015
Thank you!!! This would have been impossible to find!
Kirk 8/4/2015
Very helpful. thanks!
Clair 7/28/2015
Thanks so much. wasted 30 minutes trying to figure it out myself and this was so simple
Sandy Gray 7/27/2015
Thank you!
I would have NEVER found this on my own!
Kerry 7/26/2015
Thank you for this fantastic piece of info. They make it so easy to sign up. Finally done
Ann Marie 7/23/2015
YOU ARE THE GREATEST! This was so helpful and easy (with your instructions). Thanks again.
Paulo 7/21/2015
Kudos for you because you saved my life!
MonD 7/17/2015
OMG, THANK YOU!!! I can’t believe how much time I wasted trying to figure out how to cancel this. Thank you for your clear, step by step, instructions.
Elaine Florencio 7/14/2015
Hello from Brazil! Many thanks, you really saved me! Could not be easier!
Linnie 7/13/2015
Never usually leave comments but thank you so much for this, I never never would have found it. Already paid 2 months I didn’t want to pay. Thanks again.
cari 7/12/2015
Thank you…..they hide it so it you cannot cancel. They hope you just give up and then they can continue charging you each month….
megz 7/10/2015
Thanks, seriously thank-you! I’ve been paying for that s**t for the past 2 months whilst I tried to decipher their crappy instructions on how to cancel.
Michelle 7/9/2015
Thank you so very much! That was simple and easy to do
Randi 7/8/2015
Brid 7/7/2015
Thanks! It is buried deep and this saved a lot of time.
Deborah 7/6/2015
Thank you!!!
Sandra 7/2/2015
Great job! So easy….will use this site again.
Rita Foster 6/29/2015
thanks, this was most helpful. Good job.
Ioan 6/28/2015
Very helpful and easy to use. I’m disappointed that Amazon made it that hard to cancel.
Laura 6/27/2015
Thank you so much! Very easy to follow your directions. I would never have found otherwise.
Peter 6/27/2015
That is not easy to cancel, so thank you very much
Cate 6/24/2015
Thanks a bunch!
MJ 6/24/2015
Thank you, this was really helpful!
Andrea 6/19/2015
THANKS! That was super easy and stress free.
Eb 6/17/2015
Thanks. This was very easy to follow.
Adhir 6/17/2015
This was very helpful! You would think Amazon would make it straight forward, alas! Thanks for this information, really appreciate it.
Rick 6/7/2015
Thank you for this!! Still haven’t figured out how to do it from the device, but this will work.
Keith Dudeney 5/29/2015
Really helpful. We had spent hours looking for this. Many thanks.
rick 5/27/2015
you made this very easy – thanks for the help!
Diane 5/21/2015
Thank you so much!!! You made it easy….. they didn’t!!!! Kinda of left me “sour” on amazon when they make it difficult to almost impossible to cancel a service.
Thanks again!!!!
Diane 5/21/2015
Thank you so much!!! You made it easy….. they didn’t!!!! Kinda of left me “sour” on amazon when they make it difficult to almost impossible to cancel a service.
Thanks again!!!!
Diane 5/21/2015
Thank you so much!!! You made it easy….. they didn’t!!!! Kinda of left me “sour” on amazon when they make it difficult to almost impossible to cancel a service.
Thanks again!!!!
Sherry 5/19/2015
I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out how to cancel and if I was smart I would have just done a search(which I finally did) a long time ago. Thank you so so much for your article.
Laurie 5/17/2015
Very easy to follow. Thanks. I’d have never figured that out on my own.
Laurie 5/17/2015
Very easy to follow. Thanks. I’d have never figured that out on my own.
Amy 5/16/2015
Thank you!
Cindy 5/15/2015
Thanks for your post! I searched Amazon’s website and help but couldn’t find the answer.
Cindy 5/15/2015
Thanks for your post! I searched Amazon’s website and help but couldn’t find the answer.
hailey 5/11/2015
Thanks for posting this site. It was a big help. 🙂
Stan 5/11/2015
Thank you very much!!! Got lost going through multiple pages on Amazon.
Stan 5/11/2015
Thank you very much!!! Got lost going through multiple pages on Amazon.
Susie 5/8/2015
enid 5/3/2015
Thank you. Your instructions were spot on.
David 4/27/2015
Anne- simple, clear directions to cancel. thank you. I swear that my kindle would NOT let me proceed without signing up with unlimited. thank you.
Penny 4/23/2015
Thank you!!! I would have never figured how to cancel Kindle Unlimited!!!
Peggy 4/22/2015
Thanks so much. I subscribed to kindle unlimited by mistake and had no idea how to cancel it. After several attempts, I searched for help. It worked! I am so grateful!
Alan 4/21/2015
Brilliant. Worked first time. Shame on Amazon for providing such poor explanation of how to uncancel.
Well done Peeps.
Carol 4/12/2015
Thanks. Extremely helpful.
diana 4/10/2015
So helpful…never would have figured this out!
Morgan Umsted 4/10/2015
Thank you thank you thank you. You just saved me from having to send an angry message to amazon.
OLIVIA 4/8/2015
I appreciate your article. I was getting very frustrated with canceling before I found your article! It was super easy with your instructions! Thanks so much!
Paul 4/4/2015
Thanks. It would have taken me a lot of time to figure this out. Your instructions were very clear to follow and I cancelled quickly.
Pam 3/30/2015
You made this simple, Would have taken forever to find this on my own!
Susan 3/29/2015
Thank you…you saved me a lot of time and aggrevation trying to find the cancellation of the kindle unlimited services!
Deanna Laukka 3/29/2015
Thank you! This was extremely helpful! Wish I had found this site earlier, I struggled for a long time trying to figure it out! I too thought the one month free sounded good! Pretty sneaky!!
Mil Whittaker 3/29/2015
Very helpful. Thanks loads.
Mil Whittaker 3/29/2015
Very helpful. Thanks so much.your very clever.
T 3/26/2015
I saw that Kindle Unlimited was free for a month, so I wanted to try it out. I forgot to cancel it before I was charged; when I saw it my account was charged, I wanted to immediately cancel it(don’t need an extra “bill”). I got very impatient looking for how to cancel the subscriptions(didn’t look very long or hard). I’m glad I found this article…thanks!!!
Tiffany 3/22/2015
Thanks. Been searching on amazon for unsubscribe info. Your instructions were perfect.
Paula 3/20/2015
I was thrilled when I found your article. I had invested a great deal of time searching Amazon site regarding cancellation of Kindle Unlimited. Thank you for your effort and sharing!
Lavern 3/19/2015
Thank you soo much!! It really shouldn’t be so hard to find and cancel this. Sending good vibes your way. 😉
Jimbo 3/18/2015
So helpful!
Kathleen.M 3/17/2015
Thank you so much for the detailed instructions! I searched kindle unlimited on amazon and it only brought up how to subscribe, there were no options for cancelling. I hope my gratefulness sends you some good luck!
Helaina 3/16/2015
Thank you so much! Canceling Kindle Unlimited is so tedious and very hard to find. Your step by step process made it that much easier and saved me a whole lot of time!
Mz Chynna 2/27/2015
Thank you so much I would have never ever found this.! And that is what amazon is banking on. That you forget about it or that you give up after not being able to find it.
Stephanie 2/22/2015
Thank you, very helpful! Not sure if I would have found…..looked all over.
Monica 2/6/2015
Thanks ..really fast.
Dave 2/5/2015
Thanks for the accurate and concise directions
Amanda 2/1/2015
Thank you! What a relief to get this subscription off of my back. I never would have found that tiny “settings” button or thought to look there on my own.
Anira 1/16/2015
Hallo, Good Day,
Thank you so much! I thought I’d never unsubscribe from the Kindle Unlimited
Jacki C 1/11/2015
thanks, I looked everywhere and didn’t find how to cancel ! If only the unlimited had books to read that weren’t old or cheesy.
Monica 1/9/2015
Phew, at last!!! Thank you.
shirley 1/3/2015
Thanks for the instructions. You made it very easy!
Juderella 1/2/2015
Thank you for taking the time to post such concise instructions. I appreciate your efforts.
bubbs 12/28/2014
Thanks for the helpful, clear presentation, it worked perfectly.
Wished I had seen the limitations writeup at ebookfriendly.com/kindle-unlimited-ebook-subscription/ before I signed up.
Punkin 12/25/2014
Thank you! Amazon chose to make something so simple into a frustrating / time consuming process. Thank goodness for your directions. Baaaaaad Amazon
Darcy 12/15/2014
Thank you!!
I spent a good deal of my morning trying to cancel what I thought would be easy by going into the settings like they said. I actually got a headache with the run around. Thank you for this helpful information.
Vicki 12/1/2014
Thank you, thank you! I’ve spend a lot of time trying to figure this out before I found your easy instructions!
Craig 11/20/2014
Good Karma Buddy, you just saved me £7.99 for a month’s worth of crap.
Suzanne 11/4/2014
Thank you! Very helpful. Clear directions that worked. Yes, it is definately difficult to find. Your directions saved me a call to customer service.
linda 10/23/2014
very helpful thanks! I hate that all our books will be removed though, especially since I can’t stock up that many books on my Kindle.
Jk 10/19/2014
Thank you so much. You weren’t kidding when you said that it was layered pretty deep – that cancellation button. I tried looking for it and couldn’t have gotten there without your instructions. Thanks.
damian mallon 10/12/2014
Thank you for your clear and concise instructions.
Leslie 9/28/2014
Thanks for the help. I’m not very computer or internet savvy, so I spent quite awhile (2 days) trying to figure it out on Amazon before it occurred to me to Google it. I know I would have been charged for something I’m not using if it wasn’t for you.
Jim 9/24/2014
To echo the other comments, many thanks. On top the run around to cancel, it’s almost impossible to contact kindel.
Greg 9/21/2014
Thank you
…the slimy pirates.
Kimberley 9/4/2014
Would have never figured it out. Thanks!
JP 9/3/2014
Thank you! I couldn’t find it by myself.
Joyce 8/28/2014
Thank you.
Lectus 8/26/2014
Thank you! Yeah, they don’t want you to know how to unsubscribe, duh!
Linda 8/26/2014
I love Amazon but it really aggravates me that they would be so sneaky about the cancellation process for cancelling kindle unlimited — especially after giving them so much business over the years.
Thank you for the instructions. I was completely lost!
BeeTee 8/23/2014
Much gratitude and praise to you.
Steve 8/22/2014
LYNNE 8/8/2014
Thanks so much…you said it all- Amazon was unbelieveably unhelpful! Spent too much time on Amazon looking for this before finding you. So glad you are out there.
G-Luv 8/5/2014
Thanks, that was very helpful.
Mary 8/2/2014
Thank you, I would have never found it on my own!
Bill 8/1/2014
Agreed. Very helpful. Don’t know that I would have found that on my own.
Mario 7/29/2014
Phyllis 7/29/2014
Thanks from me, too! I searched Amazon and could not find the page for canceling Kindle Unlimited. I appreciate your help!
Ray 7/19/2014
Thanks! Just wasted 15 minutes looking for this before googling the answer. Cheers!
(those scoundrels!)

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