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Please let us know below in the comments section, if this charge has been incurred by you anytime. Know more about the PAYPAL SHENZHENSHI charge below. First spotted on 15 February 2018, PAYPAL SHENZHENSHI a credit or debit card charge. According to the details, the PAYPAL SHENZHENSHI charge was reported confirmed by 20 users while more than 50 users as suspicious. Read below more for details:


Merchant behind this charge is PayPal. Also, other description are: 4029357733. This charge has been reported real by many users across the world. Based on the credit or debit card suspicious, it mostly occurs in the America. However, along with the debit or credit charge, PAYPAL SHENZHENSHI can also be a prepaid charge as well. This charge came from *xinshaokong* website.

Know more on what people said about the charge,

Christian on July 23, 2017
I ordered two pairs of adidas Adizero running shoes on a, got charged and then delivered one pair of fake
adidas Stan Smiths from China
Mirag on AUGUST 22, 2017
Mirrored a legit surfboard website with one slight change I didn’t pick up on. Have sent numerous emails and messages
through the site asking for receipt first, confirmation of purchase second, then just for any reply at all. Nothing. Now
just cancelled my card and trying to get my money back. Beware !
Jackson on AUGUST 22, 2017
What is this place and how did were they able to charge my card . I don’t know them and never ordered anything from their website
Thomas on April 24, 2017
The money was debited from my credit card with no merchant information or purchase information.
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