Hautlk Rack Ca? Scam Charges

Hautlk Rack Ca 

The credit card charge HAUTLK RACK CA was first caught on February 16, 2015. It has been reported as doubtful most of the users.
Do you have any source information about this credit card charge? Have you ever seen HAUTLK RACK CA charge on your debit card? If so, please comment below to help others.

What people are saying about HAUTLK RACK CA?

I ordered something online from Nordstrom Rack and after sometimes, I received a text message from my credit card the charge of $321.65 from Hautlk Rack Ca. I am sure that this is from Nordstrom Rack .

-Ron Rodrigues

 If you saw HAUTLK RACK on you credit card, then make sure that it’s something for online purchases made from Nordstorm Rack. They bill under Haute Look Rack shop. If you didn’t buy recently anything from Nordstrom Online, then your credit card may have been used in a scam. If you have recently shop something from Nordstorm, then that’s the billing for said purchases.

James b burke

I am sure that this is 100% Nordstorm Rack.


Hautlk rack ca charge was made on my credit card in the amount of total $2100. My fraud alert blocked the charge immediately, but it was a fraudulent charge from Hautlk Rack.


On September 29, 2018, A Totally fraud attempt to make several fraudulent purchases using my credit card was made at your store in the total amount of $ 2897.79. I was notified from my CC company and called immediately. The bank closed my card and is issuing me a new one.


Hit my card today for $235.72. Luckily, I was at the computer and saw the Google alert. I called PayPal immediately. They were very helpful – avoided the old card and issued a new one.


Yes, i just got charged $1800 from Hautlk Rack Ca. First, they tried the best buy, then went Nordstorm rack.

I found some of the doubtful activity on my credit card. I denied that activity so that charges never came to my account.


Can confirm that this is Nordstrom Rack online – the amount charged to this merchant and the date matches my receipt made by Nordstrom Rack. Please also take a look at your receipt from Nordstrom Rack – it says “HAUTELOOK” at the top. Hautelook is another entity they own/operate under.



Merchant :  Nordstrom Rack

Website:        www.nordstormrack.com

                Phone:           888-966-6283

Category:        Clothing

Description:    NORDSTROM RACK


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