8888023080 } Amazon Digital Svc amzn.com/bill WA 

By | June 27, 2019

Amazon Digital Svc amzn.com/bill WA

I’ve been seeing weird transactions from my card and i was wondering if anyone recognizes them and know where they come from. It’s like 10+ purchases with these names! They’re all like $4.99, $7.99, $9.99. Pls let me know!


(888) 802-3080 is a number based in USA.
It is operated by .

 (888) 802-3080

Lisa Escott Long

Charge on my moms debit card, also on my mothers card… their amazon accounds show no purchases. Fradulent charges for $10.59. The bank statment reads like this:
d/c settlement amazon music * MW91v9sg2 loc: 888-802-3080
What can be done?

David Lorenz Winston

I have three Amazon Digital charges on my credit for puchases I never made. The number given for all three is 888-302-3080

PRIME VIDEO 888-802-3080 WA

I also had this charge on my card and called Amazon customer service. They explained that it was for a Kindle book I purchased. They went on to say that they are having difficulties with their billing system (?) and what would normally say “Amazon Kindle Services” or similar has this name instead. They have known about the issue for a few days now and are actively working to fix it.


A charge of $4.29 was charged to my bank account from Amazon. I did not order this item, and Amazon had no record of this purchase. The bank account was paid to Prime Video Seattle WA. Small amount, but large fraud.

@Ray Herrington

Order # D01-4656380-4537858 on 2/19/18 Two Kindle Editions on my account came through my bank, same amount as Prime Video charges. I have no active Prime Video account.

@Margaret Gemmell

for the last 3 months I have charged 9.53 for “Digital Services” which I do not have with Amazon. I checked and do not see these charges on my Amazon account. Further, the credit I used for my Amazon purchases is not the same as the charges on another account.I One “item” number is given as S308240530348972 was on the phone for 45 minutes trying to explain I never made these purchases as prescribed. Also, I need an English speaking representative as I am having problems understanding the representatives questions and instructions. Yes, I have called 3 timed without any result. As this credit is not on file with Amazon, I was hesitate to give complete number out to Amazon or if I am really speaking to them. Also , I must add that one representative last month kept asking me to repeat my name and e-mail address and wanted the credit card number where charges were made. I was not comfortbable giving that information to him. What can be done?

@Joyce Trawick

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