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www.thedheerajsingh.com is a privately owned online forum where consumer can voice their complaints and grievances against products bought or services rendered. Each and Every Complaints by people who’s share their complaints by this link: http://www.thedheerajsingh.com/write-a-complaint . The website DOES NOT represent any government or judicial body, nor are we affiliated with any part of the government. Also We post job openings, Govt and Private sectors job. Click here: http://www.thedheerajsingh.com/jobs to see your job openings no body post any jobs without informed us. All Job contents we get from Employment news.

This is public awareness forum for deficiency in consumer product and services, As well as employment news.


a) Post a complaint on our website. This should be a complaint against consumer product or services. We monitor every post daily and delete posts or comments which do not add value or seem defamatory or unsubstantiated in nature. As per the company policy and google policy.

b) Telecom, service, and consumer durable companies regularly monitor the complaints and get in touch with the customer directly for resolution.

c) We do not provide any paid service for complaint resolutions. There are online services like Akosha and ConsumerComplaints which offer that so you are free to approach them.


There have been numerous requests on how to delete a complaint on thedheerajsingh.com once it has been posted. We are more than willing to delete complaints from this website, but only under two conditions:

1) The request must be made ONLY by the original poster/writer and not any third party. We will not entertain any requests by the company against which the complaint has been made unless there is some merit in the request.

2) For us to verify that the request is being made by the original poster, we will check the ip addresses of the original author of the complaint and the requester. So it is important the delete request is made ONLY from the same mobile device or computer from where the original complaint was written. We will NOT delete the complaint until the IP addresses matches.

We removed any complaints made by default, reply us same mail id and same mobile/computer. We will take action withing 48 hours.

Comments or posts which contains references to religion, minorities, politics, anti-government and obscene language will be automatically deleted daily. Posting external links are not allowed unless it is connected to the complaint.

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