Amazon Digital Svcs 866-216-1072 WA

By | September 26, 2018

Amazon Digital Svcs 866-216-1072 WA: This is a Kindle subscription charge that basically kicks in without notice or your given permission after one year, for a service kind off similar to Net-Flix. In this case is access to some few thousands books without the need to purchase them but they will charge a monthly fee. I’ve called customer service who they knew right away why I was upset and refunded the money. They say that this thing is some sort of customer agreement when you set-up your Kindle and unless you request a cancellation there is the assumption that you “agree” with this service.
Very dirty trick from Amazon, I told them that they wasted my time investigating these charges and that nobody reads 100 pages of agreement when you set-up a e-reader. It’s not right to charge my credit card unless I specifically request a service or product. Using this sneaky way of throwing a default acceptance from my part in whatever endless user agreement is a scam in my opinion.
I wonder how many unaware “customers” are paying AMAZON this service that was never requested and not even used since not everyone pays a lot of attention to credit card statements especially if they do regularly purchases from Amazon. Please check your credit cards for this charge and call them for a full refund and excuses: AMAZONDIGITALSVCS 866-216-1072 WA MerchandiseRECORD STORES $ 10.81

Amazon Digital Svcs 866-216-1072 WA

This appeared on my statement when I bought a download of a game.
From Unknown

9.99 charge – Amazon said it was for a Cinemax subscription. I never signed up for it as far as I know. Amazon Support was extremely prompt ad helpful, cancelled charge and refunded the last month.
From Diptish

I wasted about 30 minutes on the phone with Amazon Customer Service because the number on the charge takes you to them (866-216-1072). I was hung up on once after the guy couldn’t find the $10.71 charge in my orders/digital orders. I ended up calling back and asking to speak to the Kindle department after reading these other comments, and it ended up being “Kindle Unlimited” that I NEVER opted in to have or get charged for that I was aware of(3 charges of $10.71). The lady in the kindle department seemed like she knew what I was calling about so I just gave her the exact dates of when the charges were posted and she sent me an email and refunded me. Shame on Amazon for this shady practice.
From Tyler Amazon Digital Svcs 866-216-1072 WA

I’ve been getting charged $8.99 monthly for a couple of months now, didn’t really care but lately, it’s been getting on my nerves. I called customer service and the woman who “helped” me told me that she couldn’t do anything for me if I forgot the e-mail. She didn’t ask for any of my information, just for a potential e-mail that the unknown charge was on. (Amazon Digital SVCS) I even canceled the debit card that I was getting charged on and got a new debit card… but it didn’t even matter. I still got charged. Two options: 1) I cancel my bank account and just pay cash for everything the rest of my life or 2) call Amazon again and see if someone useful can help me. Honestly, I forgot my e-mail… Is Amazon really going to be charging me $8.99 a month for the rest of my life? Some people who work customer service there are just so useless…
From Jen 866-216-1072

I got a charge for 3.27. Apparently, its a free time subscription after the one year that comes with the kids tablet. I told her I hadn’t had one in three years and it was returned. Why was I getting charged now? I also looked through all my subscriptions and digital orders and couldn’t find it. It did look like fraud, but it wasn’t. It was very tricky however and I was not happy. I feel if you have a subscription of any kind it should be there under subscriptions, or at least show as “billed” for digital orders. Content and devices is a really weird place to have it, especially when everything else is cut and dry.
Long story short, if you go to manage my content and devices, it should be under there at the bottom of the page and before the recommendations sections. I still didn’t see it. They refunded me, and took it off. My issue was that I cannot see it ANYWHERE on my account where it’s paid or, renewed, or anything. Glad she was helpful, but I’ll never do a free sub again.
From Melissa

My charge was Amazon Kindle Unlimited. Was the charge after 30 day free trial.
From DS 866-216-1072

Amazon Digital took money out of my bank account for a Kindle Sub, they claim I have. Which I DON’T. Yes I order books and get charged. SO on top of a KINDLE SUBSRIBTION YOU SAID I HAVE, that is suppose to give me frees access to books. you charge me for books on top of charging me for the Sub I NEVER applied for. SOUNDS REAL FAIR DOESN’T IT.. Now your telling me YOU cant refund my money but can cancel the Subscription ( mind you the subscription I NEVER asked for) thanks for NOTHING
From Mary Lucas

This was a subscription charge for a STARS Amazon TV subscription my wife started and didn’t tell me about. I had to call Amazon to find out but got great and prompt customer service.
From Harper


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