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By | March 11, 2018

Important 866-216-1072

This is a Kindle subscription charge that basically kicks in without notice or your given permission after one year, for a service kind off similar to Net-Flix. In this case is access to some few thousands books without the need to purchase them but they will charge a monthly fee. I’ve called customer service who they knew right away why I was upset and refunded the money.

Important Number 866-216-1072

They say that this thing is some sort of customer agreement when you set-up your Kindle and unless you request a cancellation there is the assumption that you “agree” with this service. Very dirty trick from Amazon, I told them that they wasted my time investigating these charges and that nobody reads 100 pages of agreement when you set-up a e-reader. It’s not right to charge my credit card unless I specifically request a service or product.


Using this sneaky way of throwing a default acceptance from my part in whatever endless user agreement is a scam in my opinion. I wonder how many unaware “customers” are paying AMAZON this service that was never requested and not even used since not everyone pays a lot of attention to credit card statements especially if they do regularly purchases from Amazon.


Please check your credit cards for this charge and call them for a full refund and excuses: AMAZONDIGITALSVCS 866-216-1072 WA MerchandiseRECORD STORES $ 10.81
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I saw this charge on my bank statement, POS PURCHASE SPONSORED PRODUCTS 866 216 1072, and did some research and found out that it’s an Amazon products ads fee.
Can somebody confirm this?
And if yes, is there a statement or invoice for this fee that Amazon can send me for my records?


This is just a seller-to-seller board, for the most part. You really should contact Amazon. Use the number you see there on the charge 866-216-1072.


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