Bima Lokpal Incorrect insurance claim amount issued

By | May 7, 2017

This is with regards to the claim approved for my husband HE has undergone a mini PCNL surgery for stone removal on 17th April 2017. Post-surgery due to UTI he had fever spikes upto 103 degrees and could not be discharged. Post this he underwent the stunt removal surgery. All this was approved by the TPA(Vidal). A running bill was also shared with them. On the day of the discharged TPA shared final claim for INR 76000/- only and I had to pay rest 71, 000/-. As communicated by Anil I am eligible for an of up to 3, 00, 000 which includes the medicines, etc. We received approval from TPA for INR 40000/-, then INR 1, 00, 000/- and full and final for INR 76000/-. I was never in the whole course informed about any deduction. I am not sure on what ground the approval has been made but there was no information shared with me before or till the day of discharge. I have been charged unnecessarily, miscommunicated and mislead about the claims. There was no transparency and I have been cheated.

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