careless action of suryaflame

By | July 7, 2016

I ordered a suryaflame 3 burner cooktop from Homeshop18 on18/07/2014. but till october I had not used it as I wanted to use it during Dushera. when i used it I came to know that two of it’s burners are not working. i lodged a complaint in HS18, they gave the no of suryaflame customercare . i tried the no. several times but no one was picking it.then i lodged a online cmoplaint on suryaflame site. but no use. i brought the cooktop by Rs 4299/- .I simply lost mymoney. plz solve my case.

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  1. deepak dubasi

    I have bought 2 burner flame glass top stove from D-Mart Vadodara in January 2018. From February 2018 I have been facing problem of gas leakage. I have lodged a complaint on the toll free number with complaint number – 642. Technician arrived without checking properly just tightened the nut quickly and said all is okay, there will be no leakage further. But we were not satisfied with his visit as the gas leakage problem was not solved. I have lodged a complaint again, but there is no response on that and the technician was saying, the gas companies are putting chemicals in gas, so the smell was coming. But the gas was leaking continuously through knobs and burners because gas smell is going outside of home even and its filling completely inside home when we leave regulator open so it not normal at any cost. I don’t want to keep this stove and want to return it asap as i can’t risk my family with this gas stove. And i am expecting a prompt response on this so I can buy a safe stove.


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