By | June 15, 2016

I am Velayudhan (trading account ID no. ET1R1584), one of the CD equisearch, Chennai, executive called me and explained regarding online trading business. One Mr. Karthik come to my house to open Demat account. I opened Demat account on Feb, 2014 and also given Cheque for Rs. 20000 to start online trading business but he cheated me and he made the same amount as pre-paid (advance) brokerage which I cannot do trading business. I went to Chennai office and meet the Manager Mr. Sathyanarayanan but he told me that nothing can do, you have to pay more amount, if you want to start trading business. I am not in a position to pay more amounts to start trading business.
Now Aug, 2014 I sent a complaint to CD Equisearch Centralized Complaints Service Desk & requested to re-fund the same amount because I don’t want to do any trading business but they told me that this amount is not re-fundable and validity gets exhausted within one year then the value of the said plan will be expired on march 2015. The validity of the prepaid brokerage amount is only one year.
I lost Rs. 20000 by cheating CD Equisearch trading company.
Please inform me the possibility.

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