Complaint on 9.5kg washing machine

By | March 10, 2018

I bought a 9.5kg washing machine in july 2018. I lost peace after purchasing. Atleast 10times i have given complaints so far.
Water leaking, problem in spinning, abnormal sound when spinning. Etc…i requested for a replacement but the customer care sends a technician to solve the problem and again after a week i get some problem.
The company very clearly avoids in not giving a replacement.
Many times i requested the call centre executive to connect me to the higher official to explain the problem, but they never come to handle my problem. The customer care executives always book for a call back but never got a call.
My money is wasted. Spending so much i lost my peace. Now i really dont recommend IFB to anyone..

One thought on “Complaint on 9.5kg washing machine

  1. ArianeBrand

    You guessed it, a washing machine. So for the past two weeks we have been kinda gross and have had a pile of dirty washing sitting in the corner of the room until we can get to a laundromat.


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