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NOTE: This is not official government website, It's our responsibility to share your complaints on social media, also kind of your information keep sharing your complaint on social media like facebook, what's app group.

The TheDheerajSingh.Com it is owned online forums where consumer can raise voice their complaints against products or services bought and rendered. This website will never and Does Not represent any government or judicial body, nor are we affiliated with any part of the government. This website is public awareness forum for deficiency in consumer product and services. The Way of Working TheDheeraj Singh – ONLINE CONSUMER FORUMS:
1. A consumer can post on our website complaints against companies. Our Online Consumer Forums website monitor every day on posts and comments. and also delete posts or comments which is not add value or seem like not useful in nature.
2. According to our categories basis the Telecommunication, Business and financial much more companies directly resolve the complaints.
3. The Online Consumer Forums never and no provide any paid services for complaints resolution. It is an online services like an Akosha which offer that so you are free to approach them.
If you would like to delete complaints:
If you had complaints through Mobile then post a message for us to delete the post name. We will check your number and IP Address of your phone.
If you had complaints through Computer,Laptop then Post a message for us to delete the post name. We will check your IP Address of computer system.
Remember one more time we are not authorized with any government service. The Complaint is only possible to resolve my company we can not ask to company to resolve your complaint. Mostly it’s depends on share on social media to reach the company. But mostly it’s resolve.