Fraud case of Giving job and then claiming for Money baselessly and taking wrong legal actions in order to blackmail and get money

By | July 22, 2019
Hello Sir/Mam
I’m vaibhav Anne
I got Call and Message on 24/06/2019 regarding work from home job for Captcha job, then they said there is no investment in it, then they gave their agreement where they claimed that if I didn’t complete the job within 10 days Or if I don’t reach to the accuracy of 90%  then I have to pay them 5,000/- rupees only in order to pay charges for cancellation of work or not giving them accuracy. after few days of working, I found that those captchas were totally fake and inappropriate to type, where they did all possible ways to confuse between letters l(L)  and I (Capital Eye – i alphabet) where they tricked and there accuracy dropped down.. Then after that, they started to blackmail that I need to pay them 5,000/rupees as mentioned in Agreement, then I paid them that fees of amount 5,000/- in order to finish that case, then E – ZoneEnterprise,  the fake company sent me official NOC – No Objection Certificate, stating that there I have cleared all the amount which was liable on me, and here after there won’t be any legal issue further on me.. Then today on 19/06/2019, I get a mail claiming and using Section – 406 baselessly to blackmail and get more money from me, where as I have already paid them 5,000/- processing fees money because of their blackmail and now they are asking me more money something 35,000 baselessly where there is no mention of such amount in agreement or no such condition is mentioned..
I here by declare and state that, all claims on me are totally fake and they are wrongly used on me, IPC Sections are also used baselessly in order to blackmail and claim more money. Hence I seek justice and I request for Penalty on E – Zone Enterprises for Blackmailing and Harassing me for more money every time baselessly by giving the attraction of Work from home jobs which is totally fake. Instead, I request to charge IPC Section – 415 on E – Zone Enterprises and their all employees, and fake lawyers who called me, and sent all blackmailing emails and calls, who make such false agreement and give jobs to people and instead claim money from them, by blackmailing them and imposing false sections on me.
Therefore, I request you to help me to get out of this Fake blackmails and fake baseless legal actions and make legal actions on such Fake E Zone Enterprises.
I’m the student pursuing MBA they are harassing me mentally please help me
Proof OF Documents:

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