Kolors sliming really fraud

By | November 24, 2016

Iwent to kolors for weight reduction,i asked them wether i would reduce my weight through them .They assured me that they will make me reduce 6kgs of weight every month,they gave 100% assurance about it. I went for 6 months and i dint even reduce 2 kgs .I explained them that i m not loosing weight so i said them to give back my half of the amount . But they not only refuting to give money, in reverse they are scolding us… I followed wat ever the diet schedule was given by them. Plz help me out from this and make them to give back my money and warn them not to give false assurances and not to deceive public with their fake advertisements and assurances.. They give lot of TV shows, its a venture of Actress Rasi and her brother, they earned crores of rupees and cheated public, they have cheated AP people and opening outlets in Tamilnadu
hope you would help me out..
thank you

No proper treatment and not giving refund

Contact information:

I have joined kolors healthcare india (P) ltd, srini nagar colony, hyderabad.
I have seen an advertisement about kolors healthcare india (P) ltd, i thought that kolors is good place for the treatment and i have joined in 6 months back and i am not seen any change in my weight and treatment is very poor. I have got side effects as well. When i ask them about the refund if i want to discontinue they are saying that i have to bring a customer then i will get the payment. I have paid rs 46, 500 / – for this treatment. I am not getting proper response from these people. Please kindly help me in getting my amount.
Please take action on it.


India really fraud weight loss and weight gain Kolors company

The final review is that there method of treatment is worthless, unhygenic,non-working methods, useless strain, waste of time.
I joined in kolors in the month of January and paid 27000Rs/- for 10kgs of weight loss i.e 20sessions.According to the info which they told me while joining is
1.Weight loss will not be seen till four sessions and there will be fluctuations.
2. After 4 sessions there will be weight reduction. They also told me for some people weight reduction will be seen during the first session.
3. They promised me that they even will give a certificate for 100% 10kg weight reduction in 20sessions.
4. blah blah blah.
Fraud kolors health care.
actually I am from andhra tirupati.I joined kolors to reduce my weight after seeing fake, fraud advertisements in TV channels. It takes me 4hours to reach chennai from tirupati.After reaching chennai I have to travel 30minutes to reach anna nagar.After reaching there it is nothing but a place where messy uneducated masseuse’s are located. Complete unhygienic location. With shitty massages and sauna heat that fake promise everyone that they can reduce weight. It is so sad to see many people with overweight trusting them and risking their money and time.
Cheap and worthless Treatment:
1.stomach massage (**Just stomach massage**).They tell that all the fat 95% will be located in the stomach(**crap & fake information)
2.sauna heat for body.
3. Physiotherapy type IFT.
The about treatments don’t even have order. They just do it randomly and send you back to home. None of the people are perfectly trained. The staff feels as if they are doctors in there.
With shitty attitude they treat andhra people very badly. After all the sessions I was never guided properly and treated very badly thought i deserve some respect for paying such a money. But instead i was treated carelessly.
None of the staff the so called cheap uneducated therapists are in control.
Some of the names that treated me badly:
Rest i don’t know the name.
After these many sessions i didn’t decrease even 1kg.how come is that possible. If any customer complains in between the sessions that there is no change in weight then they blame the customer itself, that the customer is not maintaining the diet. Fraud way of calculating the weight: They see the weight before starting the session. After the session they will ask us to go urine and check weight. They will show 50grams-150grams of loss and they will tell us to maintain that till next session. In between they will not make you to drink even a glass of water.**in practical if any person goes for a walk and then goes to urine then it there will be change upto 50-150grams due to sweat and urine, that is not actual weight loss**
unhygienic and unhealthy environment.
They will make you to sleep on beds which is completely wet. It is because of the sweat caused by previous customer. They will never clean.
It’s like washing your body with somebodies sweat.
They will give nighties that smells and wet.
Oh god don’t even think about their hands during massage. They will not even use glows they scratch with the nails.
They charge customers according to the bargain level. There are some customers who are not good at bargain like me end up with high price for worthless crap.For 10kgs somewhere charged 17000rs some are charged 23000rs and some 27-30000rs.The whole information given is my experience. Am not scared to tell everyone about this. Am giving my mobile you can call me anytime if anyone feels whatever i wrote is wrong.
Uneducated, cleanliness , attitude idiots.there are not paid high. Those that are paid 6000rs i.e the massaging people to meet there basic needs they take money from customers after the sessions. The few people who are paid 10000rs feels that they are doctors and completely filled with attitude. Never even give respect to clients.

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