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By | December 3, 2016

Hi, I booked a cab from utaxi from airport to HSR layout, Bangalore on 17/10/2014 for 26/10/2014.They confirmed the booking and i got a confirmation message.On 26/10/2014 noon they said that they wont be able to provide a cab, when i pressurized them, they said we’ll provide you a cab. After thet i calle them twice and they said ya booking in confirmed. When i reached the airport at 11pm and called them, they said cab will be delayed and it will reach you till 12.15am.I waited there till 12am and at 12am i got a message that your booking is successfully cancelled. Whole day, they were making me fool and giving lame excuses. Please take strict action.

I had booked the cab from ITPL to Airport on 20-Jun-15. While booking the cab I have requested for a cab with a better condition (as I have googled utaxi before booking), however I was provided an alarmingly damaged car and an equally rude driver. We literally had to beg him to close one of the window as he was busy checking his phone while driving. He was so engrossed in his phone while driving that the cab almost banged into other cars few times.
That was not all, when we finally reached the airport, when I had to paid him 765/- (the fare was 645/- and the additional 120/- is the toll tax when actually we have travelled only one way where in that case the customers should be paying 75/- ), I gave him 800/- and asked for the change, the driver gave me only 10/- and said that he don’t have change. Add to that, he gave me 100/- and gestured me to get change from other drivers. Seriously something was wrong with him. RUDE AND ILL-MANNERED!
Now, since I have already booked utaxi before hand, I had to face the similar music again during my return trip on 23-Jun-15 at 4:45 am.
First of all, when I asked the driver to pick me up from one of the pick up points (there is a reason why they call it as a PICK UP POINT. Isn’t it! ), He simply said NO! And gave a reason that except Airport cabs (MERU and others) no other cabs are allowed. However, he was not rude as his other colleagues.
Secondly, the distance back to ITPL is 45-50 minutes if you leave airport at 4:45 am. My journey was 1:30 minutes. NOW WE ALL KNOW WHY!
Thirdly, after driving for around 20 minutes, the driver gets a call that another utaxi cab has a punctured tyre so without even asking us he changed his route, took a u-turn and start driving back (he doesn’t understand neither English nor Hindi).
When we reached the location, the other utaxi cab in the similar PATHETIC condition didn’t had any spare type (Surprised?) And add to my woe, my driver gave the spare tyre from his taxi!!!
Now, the taxi in which me and my wife are travelling without any sleep at 5 am from Bangalore Airport to ITPL does not have a spare tyre, zero shock absorbing back seat, car gates which can fall anytime and the maximum speed of the car as 70 km/h.
Lastly, when I tried to lodge a complaint with their customer care, no one even there cared to listen to my woes.
I have been told that their manager Mr. Somu Shekhar will listen to me but it’s been 3 days (and multiple calls) but he is not available whenever I call the customer care.
🙁 🙁 🙁
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